Sunday, May 22, 2016

Jesolo Beach Resort

On the Sunday before we left Adriano called asking if we wanted to visit Jesolo, a beachside resort. Sure, let's go! Only thing was that the weather was rather cool and cloudy. Since we did not plan on doing any swimming or sunbathing this was not a problem.

Cautiously we left the car with umbrellas in hand, not raining now but what is going to happen in 5 minutes?? Luckily there were only a few raindrops that fell on us.

Danna, Nerina and Adriano all ready for the rain.

Here are a few shots of the empty beaches, yesterday was a sunny day and many people were out enjoying the sun.

In a few short weeks you will not be able to find an empty spot on this stretch of sand. Many of the tourists come from Germany, menus are in Italian, English and German.

Funny what you can find as you stroll along the boardwalk.
Never thought we would see any movie stars.

On both sides of the Main Street are rental apartment buildings. They are fully booked from June to September and are virtually empty the rest of the year. The balconies are very colourful.

Here is a local gas station, prices are Diesel at €1.428 and Gas at €1.592 per litre which works out to $2.23 and $2.48 CDN per litre. And here I though our gas prices were high. Guess this is why there are more small cars and scooters on the road over here. In our travels I have only seen one North American pickup, A Dodge with. 5.7 litre Hemi.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Due to problems with WiFi at our apartment and hotel several postings did not get published. You will see several in the next few days and then we will be up to date.

Here are a few pictures taken at the restaurant that we met at for a family dinner.

For the young ladies we brought white Canada t-shirts and a grey one for Massimo They were kind enough to model them for us.
Agnese, Valentina, Maria Chiara and Massimo

This is a Sicilian pizza, an assortment of quality products make for a fantastic pizza. All pizzas are similar in size, not perfectly round since they are hand formed.

Look at the "Baby" pizza Massimo is eating. Yes, he ate all of it along with some breadsticks and a bowl of ice cream. Lots needed to fuel this active 2 year old.

All of us enjoying ourselves.

Adriano and Roberto

Nerina and Danna

Elisabetta and Nicola

Massimo has quite a grip on my finger. He is moving it to play the game on the phone. He was better at the game than I was.

Above I mentioned that Massimo enjoyed his bowl of ice cream, here is proof as parents Valentina and Alessandro look on.

A great night and we are already looking forward to when we meet again.


Since Bologna is only a few hours away by train we decided to take a day trip there. Arriving at the station we decided to check out the "facilities". Cost is 1.00€ but this is used to keeping them spotless. There were a group of women trying to "help" people but they were just trying to get their money. From what we were told they were gypsies. Police were keeping an eye on them and had them move on.
This is a large station that has 19 tracks for loading trains.

Fashion is always important to the people in Italy. Surprising they can keep in style with the high costs of clothing. Here we have the latest Spring outfits for the young men.

Buildings in Italy date back hundreds if not thousands of years. Some are still in good shape but this one of the Duomo shows a building that has never been finished. It has been in this same state for over 200 years.

Arches are everywhere in this centre of Bologna. Walking through here feels more like being in a huge mall with cars being driven down middle.

We had a quick lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon walking to a variety of historic places and numerous churches.

After walking for hours it was time for dinner. It was still early by Italian standards for dinner but we needed to eat before our train ride back to Treviso. We were walking down some of streets just off the Main Street and found a small restaurant that was open. We picked an outside table where cars drove buy only a few feet away. A plate of spaghetti Bolognese for Danna and tortellini with butter, sage and ham.

The obligatory glass of red wine topped off the meal. When we were ready to leave the waiter brought us each a glass of limoncello to "assist out digestion". Great idea!

Traffic, you bet, there is lots of it here. No matter where you look there are cars or scooters speeding by. That is unless they are stopped in the many traffic jams.

Sun was now going down and our train was leaving at 21:20.

Our train was late leaving Bologna so we were a bit worried about missing our connecting train in Mestre. If we missed the connecting train our option would be to get a taxi to Treviso or stay in a hotel. Luckily the engineer was able to make up the time and we got home just after midnight.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Private Tour of Venice

Looks as if the technical problems are fixed.
How did they get fixed, I will never know but everything is working.

We were fortunate to have a private tour through the areas where tourists seldom venture. Our guide, Nicola and his assistant Agnese meet us at the train station where the tour began. Not only were they tour guides were also relatives that took very good care of us.

Cloudy day when we left Treviso and pouring rain in Venice. The umbrella vendors were having a good day. Danna and Agnese were smart enough to bring their umbrellas, mine cost €5.00.

It was grey and wet for most of our walk from one end to the other of Venice.
Took this picture and thought it would look better in B&W.

For brief moments the rain would ease off but there was a drizzle that would not go away.

I had read how the Venicians were great ship builders. They had a production system that allowed them to build hundreds of ships at a time. Behind these walls is the Arsenal where the ships were built. It was a secure site so that rivals would not learn their secrets.

Following pictures are things that I did not expect to see in Venice.
First is a fish swimming in one of the canals.
Second is a Pizza and Kebob restaurant.

We have had our picture taken in Piazza San Marco but this one is different. There were no crowds this time, all we forced off the Piazza into the covered areas away from the rain.

Here we have Elisabetta making us some pizza. There were several types that all tasted great.
Unfortunately the pizza chef was in the kitchen cooking as we ate.

Maria Chiara was in charge of dessert. Yes!! we did save room to have a piece.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Everywhere you look there are statues of lions or just lions heads. You can see them used in door knockers through to ancient carvings. Now why does Venice a with its history of being a maritime powerhouse use the lion as its mascot or symbol? You would think that a fish or some other sea creature would better reflect its connection to the sea. As it turns out the lion was the symbol for Venice's patron St. Mark.

On Monday we took a bus up to Montebelluna which is approximately 25 km from Treviso. Lots of walking to visit a variety of sites. The Duomo looked very impressive from the outside but it was closed. Decided to visit the "Shoe and Boot" museum, yup it was closed too.

Walking by this park was a large steel teddy bear. The bear was totally rusty along with the fence around him. No signs to tell a story about him.

It was then time for lunch at a small bar. Two sandwiches and a beer for each of us €10.00. Very tasty and well worth it.

Later that afternoon it was gelato time again. Here Danna is sitting with a statue representing the source of our tasty gelato.

Last time we were here I remember taking a picture from the front of the bus showing their "tap in" tickets. System works very well. Too bad Translink did not look at this system before they spent millions on one that was delayed for years.

I was thinking about buying this t-shirt but could not get it over my head. Maybe that tells me something.

We are making most of our dinners in the apartment. Tonight it was fresh pasta in a pesto sauce along with a Caprese salad. Simple but it hit the spot.
Yes, we did go for a walk and had another gelato.

Sunday, May 8, 2016


A trip to Treviso must include time in Venice. After going to he Saturday market in Treviso we venture into Venice. Busy, crowded, ants walking on the sidewalk are all terms used to describe the mass of people here. Along with all the bus tours there were 4 cruise ships in port. Surprised the islands did not sink from the weight of all the people that had been sampling the goodies at the buffet table.


On our first visit to Venice we took a picture of ourselves on the this bridge. Must have been a long time ago because the word "selfies" was not invented yet.

Venice...gee what should I take a pictures of? Brilliant idea a couple of gondolas. I was thinking about getting my gondola license after I found out the income for a good gondolier $150,000/year. Then I thought about how I feel when I am on a rocking boat, yup this would result in me making about zero dollars!

The Grande Canal is busy with all forms of boats. Boats used to transport people to the various island, hauling that new 52" TV or construction materials. That I do expect to see but not a group in their kayaks. I would hate to do a barrel roll in these waters.

All this walking in a hot sun requires regular stops for hydration. Thought we would try the local beer and we were not disappointed.

Looking around Venice one can see why it was a Meca for aspiring painters. Reflections of the buildings are constantly changing from one moment to the other. Late in the afternoon a gold hue is everywhere.

I mentioned that 4 cruise ships were in town, well here is one that is leaving. I just caught a glimpse of it being assisted out of port with a tugs fore and aft to make sure it did not loose control.

I see tugs all the time on the Fraser River but none as big as this one.

"Take only footsteps, Leave only footprints"