Monday, October 8, 2012

The Italian Wedding

Some days things go well and other days even better. Saturday was one of the best days we have had on our adventure in Italy. We were lucky to be in Treviso to attend my cousin, Valentina and her husband Alessandro's wedding. First the ceremony was held in the Duomo in Mogliano which is very impressive. Then we had a choir singing and a string quartet playing which sounded fantastic.


After the ceremony we went to a medieval castle for the reception. The Castello Di Stigliano a medieval castle, is almost 1000 years old. We could almost visualize the knights in shinning armor riding up to the front gates.
I could tell you about the food we had to eat but it would take up most of this blog. What can you say about perfection? Lunch took several hours that included a short walk to make room for another course.

At 19:00 more guests arrived and there was a buffet set up. Lunch was so good I did not leave room for the buffet but it also looked very tasty.

A lot of pictures were taken but we only have room for a few.
Here are some pictures from the wedding day.

Final instructions to the organist
Elisabetta and Nicola going over the final details with the organist.

Alessandro and his Mother having a quiet time prior to the wedding.
Alessandro & his MotherAlessandro at the Duomo

Family photos were done in front of the church.
Front of the church family picture

Adriano and Nerina taking time to relax during their busy day.
Adriano and Nerina

The bride and groom with their attendants.
Head table

Valentina and AlessandroValentina and Alessandro

Alessandro's Mother and Father
Alessandro's Mother and Father

Alessandro's brother
Alessandro's brother

Nerina with her new hat.

Here we have Valentina's very proud Grandmother (Nona) on the left and her sister.
Proud grandmother on the left and her sister

As a general rule Italians appreciate the taste of their food. The reason is that they start at an early age with a wide selection of fresh ingredients. These two sat down and did not move until their plates were empty.
Kids and pasta

Adriano with Elisabetta and Nicola. To me it looks as if Adriano is describing todays lunch, yes the food was perfect.
Adriano - the food was perfect

The newly weds in training?
Newly weds in training?

Valentina's dress

I forgot to tell you how beautiful Valentina looked as she entered the church. Her dress was elegant and suited her perfectly.

After lunch we moved to the tents set up in the gardens where the celebration continued into the evening.
Castello Di Stigliano, Venezia

We had a band that played a wide variety of songs to everyone's enjoyment. Songs were also sung by Valentina and her cousin
Maria Chiara, aunt Elisabetta and close friends.
Valentina next to Elisabetta and then Maria Chiara

In the church my cousin Agnese played the violin.

Of course there was dancing and here Adriano is leading the group in the Conga Line.
Conga line

While I was taking pictures Nerina was teaching Danna some dance steps. They were taking a short rest when this picture was taken.
Danna and Nerina

The wedding cake.
Wedding Cake

This has been a long and exciting day for Valentina and Alessandro. Looking at this picture no further words are required.
Have a happy honeymoon!
No words required

"Take only memories, Leave only footprints!"


  1. We can feel your happiness right through the miles! We are so excited to see how amazing this day was for you guys. It's like you found another whole leg of family!

    Love N/D

  2. Awesome, party going on during marriage so wonderful. All preparation without party look like unsuccessful. Party is the center part of wedding. All preparation of the party that's are made in this view are so amazing italy weddings