Friday, January 4, 2013

January 2013 in New Westminster

The arrival of a New Year requires a toast with our favourite bottle of bubbly.. Prosecco. A toast to all of our relatives and friends for Happy and Healthy 2013.


The last few days have been cloudy with constant rain showers.
Very gloomy and we long for the days last August when it was sunny every day.
Temperatures of 32° C have been replaced by 32° F.
On sunny days my friend and I go for a walk to soak up the warm sun.

New Westminster January 2013

Maggie May
This morning we woke up to a strange thing called sunshine. Out I went for my morning walk with Maggie. While she was sniffing I was enjoying the view of the sun trying to burn through the morning fog.
Here is our Happy little dog waving to all of you.

Fog on the Fraser

Even though the fog made everything look grey I did find some colourful plants to brighten my day. This rose looks as if it was dusted with icing sugar.

Frosty Flower

The gardeners do a great job of keeping the flower beds stocked with plants year round. There are several varieties of winter cabbage along the Quay.

Frost on Winter Cabbage
Morning Fog
I would like my next picture to be a palm tree somewhere warm and sunny!

"Take only memories, Leave only footprints!"

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  1. Chill up some more! Nice pics......See you tomorrow afternoon!