Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Westminster Quay - River Market

Our good friends Doug and Nancy stayed with us for a few days. On the Saturday we walked down to the market to pick up a few things for dinner. While there we sampled some bread from "A Bread Affair" which tasted great.


Wide variety of products at the market from "Albert's Organic Apricot Butter" to "Canadian Hazelnut Oil". Suggest not going there when you are hungry as you may buy lots of goodies.
UntitledCanadian Hazelnut Oil at Westminster Quay

Here is a picture of us enjoying the cold sunny day with Maggie.
Afternoon walk at Westminster Quay

Butternut Squash Pasta.
Later that day we sat down for a glass or two of wine and then had a butternut squash pasta dinner.

Baby Gus & Danna
On the Sunday we went to see Doug and Nancy's first grandchild. There was a baby shower at Kathy's parents for baby Gus. Lots of people there and Gus has enough clothes to last him until he is 3 years old.

Here is Danna getting her baby fix with little Gus.

Cannot forget to mention the "Pulled Pork" and buns. I should have put a couple in my pocket they were so good.

Since New Years we have had lots all types of weather. Rain, fog, snow and then a couple of days of bright sunshine.

While we were in Venice I took pictures of the building reflections in the water. When I saw this reflection it reminded me of Venice. The big difference is that in this picture there is a thin layer of ice on the surface.
Reflections and Ice

Palm trees at Westminster QuayOn my last blog I wrote that I wanted my next picture to be of a palm tree where it is sunny and warm. On my walk a few days ago I found several palm trees that were basking in the sun, I got two out of my three wishes.
Unfortunately it was only 2°C.


          January 13                                                                     January 14
Palm Tree Jan. 13, 2013Palm Tree Jan. 14, 2013
Danna and I thought about using the palm tree as a backdrop for some of our pictures. You will see that the weather has been very strange.

Cat in a Tree
Saturday we saw a cat sitting in a tree. Danna and I thought of the cat sitting on top of a telephone pole in the middle of a snow storm in Edson Alberta. Will not go into details now but we refer to him as the "divorce cat". The cat in this picture made his way down without any help so we call him the happy cat.

"Take only memories, Leave only footprints!"

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  1. I love the palm tree pics with Danna! The one with Gus is pretty nice too! Divorce cat story will be worth hearing about!