Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Westminster, BC Canada

I have always taken for granted the cities I have lived in until my stay in Italy last year. Maybe it was because I was thinking about other things. On our trip I had time to "smell the roses" and was seeing and appreciating the uniqueness evey city offered. Simple things like going to the vegetable market in Treviso was not a chore but an adventure. "What would Orlando have in his stall today?" I have taken this new attitude and am now looking at my home in New Westminster with new eyes. I am beginning to see things that were in front of me but never noticed before.

Danna and I went to the Fraser River Discovery Centre to see a travel show. Agents were there from several cruise companies and tourist destinations. Must say that the cookies and coffee were Our walk takes us by the Centre but we had never gone in. Inside we found displays showing the importance of the Fraser River in the development of British Columbia.
Fraser River Centre

New Westminster has served as a transportation hub since the time of the fur traders and miners during the gold rush. Today freight is moved by ship, rail and trucks to points in Canada and abroad. This picture shows all three modes of transportation. Untitled

Even though we had walked by the
"Tin Soldier" many times I had not stopped to read that he is the tallest one in the world. 9.75 meters tall and weighing 4540 kilos!
A time capsule was put in the soldier when he was built and will be opened in 2025.

Let's walk into New Westminster to see what is changing. The most obvious is all the new construction happening along Columbia Street. These men were getting things in place for the concrete wall. If you are afraid of heights do not apply for a job here.New Westminster, BC. Constructions on Columbia StreetUntitled

Copp's Shoes has been on Columbia Street for the past 87 years but is now closed as the owner has retired. The building was in the process of being painted by the new occupants when we walked by.


Previous blogs have shown some of the palm trees along the river. Here is another one with Danna and Maggie.

Spring must be arriving soon as Danna is now wearing a white rain jacket with purple gloves.

New Westminster, BC. Columbia Street

If you did not look close and see the people wearing winter jackets you might have thought you were shopping in a hot, sunny city.

Don Pedro in New WestminsterOn our walk we meet a lot of dogs that are taking their owners for a walk. If it were not for these 4 legged critters a lot of people would be sitting at home watching TV on rainy days. When the sun comes out you are sure to see even more people walking along the boardwalk. Here we see Don Pedro and his owner taking a little rest and enjoying the late afternoon sun. Don Pedro wanted to play with everyone but he had some minor surgery and had to take it easy for a few days.

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  1. This post makes me wish I had taken more time in the Langley/Surrey area to find out more after all those years. Good for you!! People should follow your lead and discover "their" town!!