Wednesday, April 24, 2013

California Adventure

Well folks it is time for another adventure.

Our next adventure started in Sacramento, California.

We are lucky to have met Lynda and Larry on our cruise last year. When making friends on a cruise you always say "drop in if you ever get to our town." we decided to take advantage of the offer. Our hosts put together an itinerary that took us from the mountain town of Truckee near the Donner Pass to Fishermen's  Wharf in San Francisco with many stops in between.
Here are some pictures of what we saw while in sunny California.
Seeing that we are from the far North. Larry thought I may be missing the snow and cold weather so he drove us through the mountains where the temperature was only 28°.

The drive took us to Lake Tahoe where we stopped to view Emerald Bay. With the shining down on us we hardly noticed the cool weather and blowing wind. Besides, us Canucks would ever admit it was too cold!

Lynda, Larry, Danna and me sitting in the "Big Boy Chair"


As you can see from the picture this was the location of the 1960 Winter Olympics. Now it is one of THE places ski in the USA. This ski season is almost over for the skiers and boarders.

Our drive took us over the famous Donner Pass. In early November of 1846 immigrants to the West coast travelled over the Sierra mountain range to reach California. A snowfall stranded them in the pass. Of the 81 who started the trip only 45 survived by resorting to cannibalism. Seems strange that behind the memorial to those travelers we now see a sign for a Food Market.


The  next day  it was off to see the sights of San Francisco. It helps to have guides that have lived in the SF area all their lives. We went to places that would be missed if we had travelled here on our own. Back streets, shortcuts and background stories about each part of the city were shared by Lynda and Larry. After driving over the Bay Bridge we went to a park that gave us a fantastic view of the city.


Then off to see the AT & T stadium where the Giants play. For those that do not follow baseball the Giants won the 2012 World Series. Last year when we were in Italy Jeff and Mallory came to visit us. Jeff, being from the Bay area was always checking to see how his boys were doing. So Jeff this picture is for you.

Next stop at the "Ferry Building" to see some of the shops. Larry gave the ladies 90 seconds to do some shopping before our tour continued. Now I know why I like this guy! Then it was off to "Twin Peaks" to get a panoramic view of the city. Market Street is the tree lined street in the centre of the picture. At the far end you can see the "Ferry Building".

My Aviary-Edited Photo

There were many stops on the tour and I am only telling you about a few to them. To list them all would take at least 10 pages.

The homes in the background are "The Painted Ladies". Very popular backdrops for movies shot in San Francisco. Today people were sitting in the park soaking up the sunshine.
Painted Ladies San Francisco

Pier 39 is a must see for all visitors to the Bay Area. Here you find shops with all types of clothing, food and souvenirs. Along with the usual visitors we saw these loud chubby fellows relaxing on the wharf. The young sea lions took great pleasure diving into the cool water and them climbing over the others. Many of the older ones displayed their displeasure by barking at the youngsters.

Sea lions at Pier 39, San Francisco

Looking out towards Alcatraz we saw a number of sailboats. The one on the left was moving fairly fast in the brisk wind and the other one was going backwards.

Yacht in San Francisco Bay

Here is the Swedish yacht practicing for the next World Cup.

World Cup Practise in San Francisco Bay 2013

Irish Coffee at "the Buena Vista"Larry had told us that the first genuine Irish coffee was made at a bar called "The Buena Vista" in 1952. Being chilled by the cold wind Larry did not have to twist our arms to have us go in for a coffee. My Aviary-Edited Photo

A visit to San Francisco is not complete without seeing the world famous cable cars. This shot reminds us of our first trip here when we were young and foolish. In the background you can see Alcatraz.
Cable Car San Francisco
Dinner tonight was at "Original Joe's" another busy tourist spot. Three of us had the chicken parmigiana and Lynda chose the ravioli, all good choices.

Last stop today was at a book store, "City Lights Booksellers & Publishers". This store has been through the times of the Beatnicks through to todays Hipsters.
That is all for this edition.


  1. They'rrrreeee BACK!!!!!

    We love San Francisco!!

  2. We had such a blast showing you the condensed tour of Northern Ca. From what we have read on Doug and Nancy's blog you are having an equally rewarding experience in Valle de Juarez!