Thursday, April 25, 2013


Today started off with a visit to the California State Capital Building. Found it strange to see oranges growing on the trees in the gardens. Usually the only orange things we see in the trees are leaves when they change colour. Oranges in Sacramento

California State Capital Building

The dome you see is very impressive from the outside and even nicer inside.

There are two domes in this building, one inside the other. The following picture is of the interior dome. I was told that there is a walkway around the dome that is used when light bulbs need changing. Today there were numerous school children going on tours. While waiting they stood around an upper level and this made for silhouettes against a backdrop of the dome.

Dome at California State Capital Building
The building has gone through a complete restoration to it insure it will make it through an earthquake. When the building was inspected prior to the renovations the engineers said "the only thing holding it up was gravity." During the renovations they made reproduced of several offices to they way they were on April 18, 1906, date of the great earthquake in San Francisco. We were luck to get a private tour of this office.
Office in California State Capital Building

Light Bulb Circa 1906

Some of the light fixtures had light bulb that looked like the ones produced at the turn of the century. This bulb was in the chandelier lighting this office. Must say they look nicer than the compact fluorescent lights we are now using.

Larry and Lynda kept us busy so off we were to Old Sacramento State Historica Park.
Old Sacramento
The old west setting made you think a cowboy would walk outof a store, get on a horse and ride off into the sunset. So much for my imagination but see for yourself in these two pictures.
Old Sacramento
Old Sacramento

While at the park Danna had her fortune read by "Zoltar". Feed him a dollar and he tells you what is going to happen. His loud voice tells you something humorous about your future and then he give you a card with more things about your future. Wonder if he can predict the winning 649 numbers?

For lunch it was off to Chandos Tacos a small but busy place. My choice was three tacos, chicken, carnitas and chorizo and I must say I made a good choice. All three tacos tasted fantastic. They were even worth the 20 minute wait. Larry and Lynda were getting us prepared for our trip to Mexico with some authentic Mexican food.

Chandos Tacos Sacramento

Looking at this picture do you think we have been busy today. The weather may have been cool to the residence of Roseville but it was warm enough for us to sit outside and relax.
My Relaxed Wife
Another great day on our adventure. Thanks Larry and Lynda!

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