Sunday, April 28, 2013

Valle de Juarez

Arrived in Mexico
The next morning we met the owners of the RV Park, Sal and Barb Contreras. They had arranged a tour of a small dairy and for a special treat. Pajarete,this is a traditional drink made with milk straight from the cow mixed with chocolate, sugar and a shot of pure cane alcohol.
Here you see the cows having their morning meal and getting ready to be milked. Each cow has it's designated spot and get upset if another cow takes it's spot.
Milking time

Left to right we have Doug, Danna, Barb, Nancy and Sal waiting for the fresh milk.  
  Waiting for the milk

Danna and I got our glasses filled first.
  Sampling our pajarete
What surprised me was how warm and rich the milk was. A real taste treat that is not available at Starbucks.

Here Doug is trying on his new pair of sneakers with the red racing stripe.

Snazzy sneakers at the market

Later in the afternoon we had lunch at "Alpina Posada & Restaurante". Simple looking food that tasted good and of course we had a bottle of Mexican beer.
Flautus for lunch

Cold Pacifico Beer

The blog is a couple of days behind schedule because my iPad does not connect to the wifi provided at Hacienda Contreras, other computers are working perfectly. Finally got things going by getting a sim card for Danna's computer. 

The next day was uneventful but there are always things to keep us busy.
We had a dentist appointment scheduled to have our teeth leaned but instead Danna had a root canal. The dentist specializes in root canals so I knew Danna was in good hands.

Lazy afternoon reading a book and relaxing in the sun. Our only work for the day was to walk across the street to feed Fiona and Don Quiote. 
Donkeys Fiona and Don Quixote
From the looks of Fiona we think she is pregnant. Make sure you do not stand behind her as she likes to kick if she feels threatened.
The fields in this area have fences constructed of stones brought down from the mountains. Donkeys pulling special sleds we're used to haul the rocks.
  Rock wall - Valle de Juarez
"Take only memories, Leave only footprints"

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