Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rural Mexico

One morning I went for a walk around the park and found this lime tree. Found it strange to see fresh limes in April. We used a couple of them in our Margaritas that night.
Limes on the limb
Nancy bought a chair from this roadside vendor. He had an assortment of stools, chairs and tables upholstered in leather. I was amazed to see the man sitting in the chair had polished shoes with all the dust around here.
Chair maker
On our first day here we went to see the small dairy farm. Today we see a herd of cattle walking alongside the road. One of the cows decided to walk in front of us just as we got close to it. Good thing the van has good brakes.
Cows on the road
Beglaws and Bortolins at the park
Beglaws and Bortolins
Beglaws & Bortolins
Walking down the stairs we had a good view of the waterfall. The cool spray was very refreshing on this hot, muggy day.
Water Fall
The park had an enclosure with sheep, chickens and a couple of warthogs. Nancy walked over to another cage and the bird came over and put it's head close to the fence so that Nancy could scratch it's head. Nancy & bird
Very friendly little critter.
Scratch my head
It was good to see that recycling programs are being encouraged at this park.
Recycling cans Mexico
The little girl in the picture is Maria and she was in the square with her brother and grandmother. Granny said it was OK to take their picture. She has beautiful eyes.
Mexican children in the square
Seems to be a common thing for us to see cows on our trip. Another herd crossed the road in front of us.
Why did the cows cross the road?
More cows on the road
Entrance to Conception de Buenos Aires, Mexico
Church in Conception de Buenos Aires
Church in Conception de Buenos Aires, Mexico
These trees with purple flowers are seen an all areas of Mexico.
Trees in the square
I wonder how may kilometres to a bale of hay this horse gets. Someone had ridden him into town and tied him up while they were shopping.
Danna with the horse
This sign says the restaurant is closed on Wednesday and Thursday.We were too busy talking and did not notice The sign. The owner apologized that they were closed and then remembered that Nancy told him she would be back with visitors from Canada. Next thing you know we were sitting at a table eating chicken fajitas.Talk about great customer service!
Closes Wednesday and Thursday?
Relaxed lunch with an orange tarp over our heads to shade us from the sun Lunch with the Beglaws
Danna & Nancy looking in all the shops.

Two ladies having fun
This is one very hard working man. He would take a full wheelbarrow of the adobe mixture to where he would place it into the wooden form. Look close and you will see he is not wearing anything on his feet. Before I took these pictures I asked if it was OK, they smiled and said "OK".

Brick maker
Another brick for the wall. After letting the bricks dry on one side they are placed on edge to let the other side to dry.
Bricks drying
"Take only memories, Leave only footprints"

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