Saturday, May 4, 2013

Valle de Juárez, Mexico

Our home in Valle de Juárez, Mexico is this large trailer. It has all the comforts of home and we thank Sal and Bard for letting us have use of it for our vacation.
Home in Valle de Juarez
Morning breakfast usually consist of cereal and toast but today we were off to "La Cocinita" for breakfast.
Doug and Nancy have been here several times and love the food and especially the people who work here.
La Cocinita Valle de Juarez, Mexico
This is truly a traditional Mexican cafe. When you enter there is the aroma of fresh coffee and tortillas cooking on a wood burning stove. Need an orange juice? Here you can get a glass of freshly squeezed juice and it does not cost you a fortune.
Hot plate at La Cocinita for tortilla and coffee
My breakfast had an assortment of flavours, from the retried beans to the green and red peppers on the eggs. Have to visit this place again before we leave.
Mexican Breakfast at La Cocinita
Home made tortilla at La Cocinita After breakfast it was off to see more sights in town. Previous picture show hand made tortillas, the following is an automated tortilla store. Customers come here to get their fresh tortillas ever day. The dough is placed in the hopper and within a couple of minutes a baked tortilla is ready to go. I think the homemade ones taste better!
Tortilla machine
Off to the market where you can fine all types of fresh fruits and vegetables. It would be nice to have these markets back home.
Fresh peppers at the market. How hot are these peppers? Small pieces add a lot of flavour and heat to your meals.
Red hot peppers
For our dinner Nancy suggested we get come cooked pork to make carnitas. At "El Retiro" a local restaurant they also set up an outdoor kitchen to slow cook the pork in a large vat. Nancy ordered "carnitas light" which had less fat on it. Most Mexicans prefer more fat with the meat but we got the diet version.
El Retiro in Valle de Juárez, Mexico
Pork for carnitas
El Retiro in Valle de Juárez, Mexico
Chema, the owner of the restaurant had us come in for a drink. How can you get more traditional than a lime, mescal and Mexican beer? Since Doug and Nancy have been regular customers he made this round of drinks on the house. Thank you very much for this treat!
Mescal, lime and a beer
Off to Sal and Barb's home for a view of the valley. The workers were doing some of the finishing touches and were applying plaster to the exterior brick walls. I think of it as the castle at the top of the mountain.
Barb, Nancy and Danna looking out over the valley.
Barb, Nancy & Danna
Even though Doug is retired he cannot help himself when it comes to organizing things. Here he is with Barb setting up a new registration sheet for the RV Park, "Hacienda Contraras".
Doug & Barb
That night we had our carnitas with the fresh tortillas. There was even enough left to make sandwiches for tomorrow's lunch.
"Take only memories, Leave only footprints"

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