Monday, May 13, 2013

Bus tour of Guadalajara

Since we were going to spend the day touring Guadalajara on tour busses we had a good breakfast. Prices look high but they are in pesos not dollars. Mexican Breakfast

Off were went to see an area of Guadalajara that is known for unique furniture, artwork and just about anything else you need to decorate your home. The stalls on this market went on for 3 kilometres.
Market Guadalajara

One shop had all types of pottery from dishes to wall decorations. Nancy and Danna's reflections look good framed by the ceramic artwork.
Reflections Guadalajara Market

The open top bus was great for looking at all the sights. You had to be aware of a few things, first low electrical wires. You could easily touch them in some parts of town. Most of the tree branches came close to the bus but some would hit you if you did not duck in time. Almost forgot about hats that could be blown off the other passengers. A gentleman sitting about 10 rows ahead of us was wearing a hat, a gust of wind blew it off his head and straight back with the brim hitting Danna on the forehead. Luckily it did no damage other than leaving a welt on her head.
Guadalajara bus tour - low branches. Guadalajara bus tour - low branches 2

Several shops had statues and wall hangings depicting "Day of the Dead". This one would not fit in with our current interior decorating.
Day of the Dead Figure

With traffic being so heavy in Guadalajara many people are using motorcycles. Nice to see them wearing helmets but the poor child in the middle does not have any breathing space.
Cycle built for two?

Partway through the bus tour Nancy noticed the road sign and got an early start to being navigator for "Euri".
Directions Home
Being such a nice day we decided to sit upstairs on the bus. Great idea as we had a good view but we got cooked by the sun so during one stop we checked out the Margaritas.
They were good and cooled everyone down.
Frozen Margarita Guadalajara
Margarita on the rocks
Margarita on the rocks 2

While having our refreshments this gentleman played a few songs for us.
Entertainer Guadalajara Mexico

Back onto another bus for our last tour of the day. During our travels around Mexico we have seen numerous dogs on the roofs of homes and business. On this building several stone statues of dogs were placed on the roof or should that be woof?
Dogs on the roof Guadalajara

There are all sorts of specialty stores in Guadalajara but this one I did not expect. A huge store that specialized in Handbags. Luckily the bus was moving too fast for any of the ladies to jump off.
Handbag store Guadalajara

I am sure you have heard about problems in Mexico. Many people say it is a dangerous country, etc. We did not have any problems from the mountain villages, drive into Guadalajara or walking around here at night. The Mexican police are very visible with patrols being done in cars, bicycle, foot patrol and even on these three wheeled vehicles. This officer patrolled a square reminding people to keep off the grass or smiled and took pictures of the tourists with their camera. We look forward to returning to Mexico!
Police Guadalajara

Now here are some ingenious young men. A band that makes music with homemade plastic instruments. Drums - a couple of plastic buckets, trumpet - garden hose and the top half of a pop bottle, tuba - white pipe with the top of a water jug. Hard to believe they sounded so good.
Plastic band Guadalajara

During the last three weeks in Mexico we have been treated to an assortment of new sights, sounds and tastes. These experiences would not have been possible unless we travelled off the regular tourist routes. We were lucky to have our good fiends Doug and Nancy show us what the real Mexico is all about. Having a tequila and Squirt with the cowboys in Valle de Juarez or riding a donkey, all these memories will be with us and appreciated forever. Thanks for letting us join you on your adventure.
In the morning we will be parting ways, us on the plane and you driving back in your trusty VW van "Euri".
Have a safe drive back home.
Time to leave Mexico
See you in a few weeks!

"Take only memories, Leave only footprints"


  1. Thanks Bob and Danna - We had a great time too!! We were so glad to show you just a little snippet of what is offered in this great country.

    We will catch you back in Vancouver. I see on that last shot, you managed to capture our best "sides"!!!

    <3 N/D

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  3. Wow.....are you still on that Guadalajara tour bus????!!!

  4. This is the l-o-n-g-e-s-t bus ride in the history of mankind!!!