Saturday, May 11, 2013

Leaving Valle de Juárez

This morning we left Hacienda Contraras for Guadalajara, Mexico. First we had to say our goodbyes to all the animals that entertained us. These characters started off being the cats, now they are Oliver, Chip and Bandit.
Cats in Mexico
Tough life for these cats, this morning I had to make scrambled eggs for them.
Cats in Mexico
Nico the watch dog kept an eye on the place when Sal and Barb were out. She was a bit cautious around us but would let us rub her ears when Barb came home.
Nico the watch dog
This morning the two donkeys (Don Quixote and Fiona) were treated to a slice of bread and a banana. Don Quixote got a bit more since he gave Danna a ride.
Untitled Untitled
After only a few weeks at "Hacienda Contraras", Danna and I will miss our new friends Sal and Barb. Thanks to them we were treated to things that tourists would never experience.
We will see you next year!
Barb and Sal
We were then off to visit Guadalajara, Mexico. The drive was uneventful, exactly how we like it. Many roadside stands were selling flowers as it is Mothers Day in Mexico. Once checked into The Hotel Francis it was off to get some lunch. Yes, we had tacos and a beer again and enjoyed ever bite.
From here we walked around one of the pedestrian malls enjoying the sun and people. There are fountains scattered throughout this part of the city. Here kids were swimming, slashing each other while some of the parents cooled their feet in the water.
While walking around the square Doug saw several shoe shine stands. He decided to have his new but dusty sneakers cleaned up. The fellow said they would look like new when he was finished and he lived up to his promise. Doug's rusty brown sneakers were back to their original grey colour.
Untitled While waiting for Doug I noticed this statue. I did not see who it was but can understand why he looks so upset. How would you feel if pigeons left droppings on you head every day?
Back to the hotel for a drink after being out in the hot sun. We were told that a Mariachi Band was going to play later that evening. They reserved a table for us and we returned at 9:00 for the show. A seven piece band played first and were joined by another singer.
On our walk after listening to the band we saw lots of flashing blue and red light. Nothing to worry about as it was a night bicycle tour of Guadalajara with a police escort.there were all sorts of people on the tour.
The night ended with the sound of horse drawn buggies passing our hotel. We plan on going for a ride this weekend.

"Take only memories, Leave only footprints"

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