Sunday, May 12, 2013

Guadalajara Tour

For our time in Guadalajara we are staying at the Francis Hotel. It is centrally located and reasonably priced. It was built in 1610 and has housed many people over the centuries.
Our room is not huge but there is plenty of room since we are sight seeing all day and only need it when we sleep here.
Francis Hotel Guadalajara - view of our room.
There is a large central lobby where you can sit and read or sip on a drink while listening to the band.
Francis Hotel Guadalajara, Mexico
From our little balcony we can watch the horse and buggies taking tourist on a tour of Guadalajara.
Francis Hotel Guadalajara - view from our room.
You cannot stay in Guadalajara without visiting the Governor's Palace. After breakfast we were walking there when we saw this beautiful young lady all dressed up in front of the door. From what we understood she was turning 15 and this is a major event in Mexico. Appropriate that she was in front of the door as she will be entering a new phase in her life.
Beautiful Young Lady in Guadalajara
Walking through the Palace we saw murals on the ceiling depicting the people who were key to Mexico's independence.
Guadalajara Governor's Palace
The ceiling frescos are huge and quite graphic.
Our walk continued and when we looked into the courtyard from the second floor we saw the young lady posing for more pictures. I decided to get creative and took the following shots.
Beautiful Young Lady in Guadalajara
Here she is acknowledging these crazy tourists that keep taking her picture.
Beautiful Young Lady in Guadalajara
Thought this was going to be the last time we saw her but there was one more photo required. Doug decided it would be a good idea to have a picture taken with her. The young ladies Mother said it would be OK so here is "Beauty and the Beast" or in Spanish "La Bella y la Bestia".
Congratulations to Diana on this special day.
Beauty and the Beast - La bella y la bestia
Then it was time to head off to the market. This is by far the biggest market I have seen. There were the usual shoe stores, meat and vegetable stalls along with everything else you may need or thought you needed. Doug and Nancy went one way and us the other way, plan was to meet at the stairs in one hour. After half an hour we were finished our shopping and decided to go back to our meeting place. Easier said than done, we wandered around in circles and finally had to asked directions to one of the nearby squares. From there we were able to get to our meeting place.
From the market we walked around and here are a few pictures of what we saw.
Guadalajara Statue in the square
Guadalajara Monument
Guadalajara Mexico Sculpture
Here you see Nancy taking a picture of her's and Danna's feet. Nancy collects "feet" pictures in her travels.
Feet picture
Later that evening we went out for dinner. Doug and I had a great meal but unfortunately the ladies meal was not that good.
After dinner we walked down to the spot were the horse rides began. While waiting for the right horse we took some pictures of Doug, Nancy and Danna sitting on the bench. Nancy thought it would be nice to include a couple of the locals who were relaxing.
Doug and Nancy on the clip clop ride through Guadalajara.
The evening ended a photo to remember the relaxing ride.

"Take only memories, Leave only footprints"

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