Friday, May 10, 2013

Valle de Juárez,Jalisco, Mexico

Today is our last day in this small mountain town. So many things to see and only a few weeks here. Guess that means we will return again...soon I hope.
Yesterday we were invited to a Fiesta where about 150 cowboys rode into town on their horses. Something you would never see back home.
Mexican Cowboys
We were treated to tacos and tequila that could be mixed with Coke or Squirt a lemon flavoured soft drink.
A parade was held afterwards where all the horsemen rode into town. Ponies, stallions and even a brama bull were here for all to see. Several horse drawn cartridges were also included.
Fiesta Valle de Juárez, Jalisco, Mexico 2013
The next day we saw one of the horses, "Nelson" outside of El Retiro restaurant in town. Two things going for this horse, first he dances and second his hair colour matches Danna's.
Nelson the miniature dancing horse
Same colour
While walking around town I saw this fellow wearing the nice white hat and a huge mustache. He said it was OK for me to take his picture.
My Mexican Friend
I also found this sign for Coka Cola painted on the side of a building.
Coma Cola Sign Valle de Juárez, Mexico
Back to Hacienda Contreras for dinner but first Danna wants a ride on Don Quixote the donkey. First Sal had a test ride to see if he was in a good mood then it was Danna's turn.
Sal doing a test drive on Don Quixote
Danna riding Don Quixote
Don Quixote needed to be coaxed along with the reward of some ground oats which he ate as if it was candy.
Danna on Don Quixote
Here we see Sal leading Don Quixote along with Oliver the cat.
Sal with Don Quixote, Danna and Oliver the cat
Danna is riding off into the sunset only to return in time for dinner.
Riding off into the sunset with my donkey
The ride is over but her butt is a bit sore.
My Aviary-Edited Photo
After the ride we sat down for dinner with our friends. A fitting end to this wonderful holiday in Valle de Juárez.
My Aviary-Edited Photo
No animals were harmed in the making of this blog. Thanks to Sal and Barb for making this a memorable vacation. Of course special thanks to Don Quixote who had to carry Danna around the fields.

"Take only memories, Leave only footprints"

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