Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mazamitla Mexico

The architecture of Mexico is similar to some of the buildings we saw in Europe. Tile roofs are seen on everything. From small barns through to beautiful homes.
Tile roof Mexico
While in Mazamitla I noticed the plaster that had come off this wall. Underneath the plaster finish coat is the traditional adobe brick.
Adobe wall
Two ladies on the loose in Mazamitla.
Shopping in Mexico
Walking down the street we heard a dog barking and here he is, a Giant Schnauzer. This picture is for our schnauzer, "Maggie".
From these pictures you can see that the roads and buildings came first and then electric street lighting. Mexican ingenuity was needed to place the lamp standards on the sidewalk and still clear the overhanging roof.
Lamp standard MexicoLamp standard Mexico
The clip clop sound of horses is a common sound in the smaller towns.
Horses in Mexican town.
There were a couple of kids surrounding this lady. In her hands she was holding a nest that had some small birds in it. From what we could understand she had rescued the birds and was hand feeding them.
Mexican lady with bird nest Birds in a nest
There was a festival in town and the ice cream vender was ready to do a brisk business. Ozzie was a very friendly fellow. Here he is with his wife.
Ice cream vender in Mexico. "Ozzie"
What would a Mexican festival be without a Mariachi Band? When they saw the camera they all turned and smiled at us.
Everyone was in a festive mood!
Mariachi Band
A huge tent was set up in the town square. A band was playing so we went in to get a better look. A friendly lady came by with a tray full of drinks and gave each of us a glass at no cost, thank you! The drinks are called "Vampiros"
Drinking a Vampiro
What do you need to make a Vampiro? Here are the ingredients - tequila, limes, salt, Squirt® citrus soda and Viuda de Sanchez mixer. For this occasion they were making the drinks in 40 litre containers.
Price to use the washroom is only 3 pesos or $0.25 compared to €1.50 or $2.10 it was in Venice last year.
Only 3 pesos to use washroom
"Take only memories, Leave only footprints"

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