Wednesday, March 14, 2012

About Us

This is our story of how we found ourselves living in Italy.

Our first adventure to Europe was in 1977 with one week in the UK and a two week bus tour of Europe. Back then we were not thinking about retirement as it was so far away. My how time flies! We are now retired!
Our trips have included several cruises in Europe and the Caribbean. Whenever we went on a trip our scheduled return flight was scheduled before we were ready to return. Being retired the pressure of a return flight did not exist.
Our favorite spot in Europe was Italy, specifically Northern Italy. Our visits to Venice felt like a homecoming.
Several years ago we talked about going to Italy for a trip, then the idea of living in Italy came up. First thought was that we must be crazy. The more we talked about it the better the idea sounded.
I spoke some Italian but Danna did not. That is a simple problem to solve. We enrolled in Italian classes and now we could communicate with the shop keepers. The best way for our Italian to improve even more was to live in Italy for a while and be with the locals.
Then all we had to do is let our children know we are leaving for a few months or maybe longer. First they thought we were joking and then they said "Send us a postcard".
Plans were made to take a repositioning cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to Civitavecchia, Italy. My parents left Italy on a ship and I returned on one. From what I have been told todays cruise lines today are much more luxurious than their ship.

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