Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 27 - Raining in New West

Spent the day putting more things away and getting rid of a lot of things that I have not touched for years.  Feels great to get a lot of "things" out of our energy.  Hope Sally Ann will be happy with our things.  Went for a walk to mail a letter and came back with 3 bottles of wine (practicing for Italy).

My first day running in several months......I am too tired to write much other than to say it was great to finally get back into my running.  Short run of only 3.5k in the rain but it is a start.   

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  1. Hey!!! I would like to comment that I haven't seen any NEW updates or photos, like open suitcases being packed with new packages of undies etc, your book on "How to swear in Italian", you know, all the basics you need!!!!

    Really, we are SUPER excited for you guys!!!!! My calendar shows only about 18 more days