Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good Internet connections have been hard to find in the smaller town. Tonight in Valdobbiadene which is on the Prosecco Road we have good service for a few minutes and then the system is down. Time to blame the earthquake.
 Here are some shots from the last two days.  We left Civitanova Marche and drove to Perugia.  A drive of only 150 km.  Along the way we stopped at the walled city of Spello.  Today the small kids were receiving their first communion so there was a huge crowd at the church.

Every year the residents compete for the best decorated walkways.  Here is the one I think should get first prize. Since it was getting close to lunch time we bought a fresh bun with porcetta for our lunch, only thing missing was the wine.

Next stop the scenic city of Assisi. Time for a few pictures and a gelato. Life is good!

Could you imagine a tour bus getting through here? These gates were built for chariots or horses not cars or trucks.

Hey Graham, this one is for you. Can you imaging this is the only thing they sell so they must be pretty good at it. The pictures do not show how delicate they were.

Here is a view from our room in Perugia. Too bad the rains came the next morning.

For a few minutes I thought this was Vancouver and not sunny Italy

Hope we have good Internet tomorrow so we can get some more pictures on here.
Special hello to Nancy and Dago traveling back from Mexico, the book with all the backroads in Italy has been a real help. Today it lead us to the wine country north of Venice. Fine Prosecco wines were sampled and enjoyed!

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  1. I found your blog quite by accident as I research moving to Italy. I was born in Oderzo, immigrated to North Vancouver with my family when I was 9, I now live in Powell River. I'm loving your posts especially the one of Oderzo! I'm posting here because I too need my fabric fix and have been worried about what to do with all my fabric when I finally move ... I guess I'll have to leave it behind and start new over there. I will until I move, live vicariously through your blog. I have so many questions ... do you mind if I start emailing you? My email address is mthistle at telus . net. I am writing my email in this way to avoid spam to my email account.