Sunday, May 13, 2012


May 12, 2012
We finally made it to Italy.
Have not been able to post anything about our Trans Atlantic crossing as the Internet kept crashing, blame it on solar flares.
Crossing was great as we had time to totally unwind and get ready for our stay in Italy.
This morning we left the ship and picked up our car in Civitavecchia and drove to a town just outside Naples. Found a nice hotel overlooking the sea and then decided to go out for dinner, well that was a mistake. Everyone seemed to be on the road making traffic almost impossible to get around and then we got lost. Good thing was we were able to see the surrounding towns. Finally made it back to our hotel and they made us a couple of plates of pasta. Will get some pictures on the blog as soon as we get good connections.


  1. Would love to see the photos of your travel experience in Italy.

  2. We will be in Treviso for 5 months an plan on taking pictures of all parts of this beautiful city.