Monday, May 28, 2012

Castelfranco de Venato and The Prosecco Road

May 22 we arrived in the town of Castelfranco de Venato, I guess you can say this is where the Bortolin family started their journey to Canada.  Very pretty town and we are going back to do some exploring of the old buildings.  

Due to the earthquake our plans had changed, off to Prosseco country instead of Verona.  We took a trip down "Prosseco Road" where we came across a winery that I wish we were related to....Fratteli Bortolin Spumanti.  Sampled some of their best bubbly but not too much as we were driving.  Claudia Bortolin was a very nice lady and politely said there are lots of Bortolins in the region and we were not related.

Me in front of my winery!

Vineyards covered every square meter of land no matter how steep the hill was,

Rather than driving around all night we booked a room in the Hotel Diana in Valdobbiadene, Treviso. Sat in a piazza with the mandatory glass of Prosseco and watched the people.

We are now in Treviso, our home for the next few months.
Found our way to the apartment with help from a few kind citizens.  After seeing the apartment we realized we needed a few things.  Off to Padua to visit the local Ikea store, same floor plan as every other one in the world.  Only difference was that things were priced in Euros and they welcomed dogs in the store.

Repeat of previous postings " We are lost!!". It seems as if the roads are being repaired and the signs are not always being replaced.  Two ladies that we asked for help said even the locals are getting lost.  Returned the car to the airport and saw that we had put 3315km on the car and only stalled it two times on a hill.  We survived everything from a goat path to the Autostrada.

Our apartment is in the historic part of the city. To get anywhere it is easier and faster to walk than taking a car. You can walk across town in only 20 minute. This is good considering We have to take our clothes to the laundromat as the apartment only has a washer and jeans take too long to air dry. Off to the laundromat we go with two big Ikea bags stuffed with our clothes. This was hard work so we rewarded ourselves with a gelato that we ate on the steps of the Duomo.

Went to the market and picked up some necessities for the fridge, yes the Prosseco is a requirement for all "frigos" over here.

Today we went to the local government office to obtain the equivalent to our Social Insurance Number. The Italian system worked very well and we were out of there within the hour.
Sometimes it is the little things you miss such as a coffee pot for that morning jolt. Found one at the market and now our life is complete.
Since we are sitting outside the local hotel and the bugs are starting to bite we will end things for the day. In the morning we are off to Venice and will be there all day. Pictures of Danna water skiing down the Grande Canal to follow.


  1. gee danna we are learning sooooo much about you. didn't know you water ski either. looking forward to seeing you on the grand canal. don't mean to ignore you bob. a photo of you on the grand canal will be great too. p

  2. Bob - if we had known that you were some rich Italian that owned a winery we would have been WAY nicer to you!! Glad you have found your new "home"!! Send pictures too!
    Miss you both & love ya!
    Nancy & Dago