Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Everywhere you look there are statues of lions or just lions heads. You can see them used in door knockers through to ancient carvings. Now why does Venice a with its history of being a maritime powerhouse use the lion as its mascot or symbol? You would think that a fish or some other sea creature would better reflect its connection to the sea. As it turns out the lion was the symbol for Venice's patron St. Mark.

On Monday we took a bus up to Montebelluna which is approximately 25 km from Treviso. Lots of walking to visit a variety of sites. The Duomo looked very impressive from the outside but it was closed. Decided to visit the "Shoe and Boot" museum, yup it was closed too.

Walking by this park was a large steel teddy bear. The bear was totally rusty along with the fence around him. No signs to tell a story about him.

It was then time for lunch at a small bar. Two sandwiches and a beer for each of us €10.00. Very tasty and well worth it.

Later that afternoon it was gelato time again. Here Danna is sitting with a statue representing the source of our tasty gelato.

Last time we were here I remember taking a picture from the front of the bus showing their "tap in" tickets. System works very well. Too bad Translink did not look at this system before they spent millions on one that was delayed for years.

I was thinking about buying this t-shirt but could not get it over my head. Maybe that tells me something.

We are making most of our dinners in the apartment. Tonight it was fresh pasta in a pesto sauce along with a Caprese salad. Simple but it hit the spot.
Yes, we did go for a walk and had another gelato.

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