Sunday, May 8, 2016


A trip to Treviso must include time in Venice. After going to he Saturday market in Treviso we venture into Venice. Busy, crowded, ants walking on the sidewalk are all terms used to describe the mass of people here. Along with all the bus tours there were 4 cruise ships in port. Surprised the islands did not sink from the weight of all the people that had been sampling the goodies at the buffet table.


On our first visit to Venice we took a picture of ourselves on the this bridge. Must have been a long time ago because the word "selfies" was not invented yet.

Venice...gee what should I take a pictures of? Brilliant idea a couple of gondolas. I was thinking about getting my gondola license after I found out the income for a good gondolier $150,000/year. Then I thought about how I feel when I am on a rocking boat, yup this would result in me making about zero dollars!

The Grande Canal is busy with all forms of boats. Boats used to transport people to the various island, hauling that new 52" TV or construction materials. That I do expect to see but not a group in their kayaks. I would hate to do a barrel roll in these waters.

All this walking in a hot sun requires regular stops for hydration. Thought we would try the local beer and we were not disappointed.

Looking around Venice one can see why it was a Meca for aspiring painters. Reflections of the buildings are constantly changing from one moment to the other. Late in the afternoon a gold hue is everywhere.

I mentioned that 4 cruise ships were in town, well here is one that is leaving. I just caught a glimpse of it being assisted out of port with a tugs fore and aft to make sure it did not loose control.

I see tugs all the time on the Fraser River but none as big as this one.

"Take only footsteps, Leave only footprints"

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