Friday, May 6, 2016


Our journey starts with a flight from Vancouver with stops in San Francisco and Frankfurt before reaching Venice Marco Polo Airport.

Greeting us at the airport was my cousin Elisabetta who invited us to join the rest of the family for dinner. What a great way to start our visit.

Next morning I looked out our window and had a view of one of the many church towers in Treviso. The bells chime on the hour and half hour.

After breakfast it was time for us to walk to some of our favorite spots. In the centre of town is the Piazza dei Signori. We got there just in time to hear the bells ring for noon. The palace was constructed in the 13 and 14th century.

In the piazza there was a Venetian carousel. Small children going for rides with the parents holding on to them. It was hard to tell who was enjoying themselves the most.

You cannot go for a walk without having something to eat or drink. Great custom that we will take advantage of. Stopping at the "Cafè ai due Pomi" for a Spritz.

Shopping for dinner was easy. The supermarket PAM is just a 5 minute walk from our apartment. Tonight's dinner consisted of pickled sardines, motzarella cheese, olive, rice salad, ham, fresh bread and a glass of sparkling wine.

After dinner it was time for another stroll and eatting the obligatory gelato on the steps of the Duomo. On our last trip we had our last gelato here so it is fitting that we start here with our first gelato.

"Take only memories, Leave only footprints."

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