Saturday, May 21, 2016


Since Bologna is only a few hours away by train we decided to take a day trip there. Arriving at the station we decided to check out the "facilities". Cost is 1.00€ but this is used to keeping them spotless. There were a group of women trying to "help" people but they were just trying to get their money. From what we were told they were gypsies. Police were keeping an eye on them and had them move on.
This is a large station that has 19 tracks for loading trains.

Fashion is always important to the people in Italy. Surprising they can keep in style with the high costs of clothing. Here we have the latest Spring outfits for the young men.

Buildings in Italy date back hundreds if not thousands of years. Some are still in good shape but this one of the Duomo shows a building that has never been finished. It has been in this same state for over 200 years.

Arches are everywhere in this centre of Bologna. Walking through here feels more like being in a huge mall with cars being driven down middle.

We had a quick lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon walking to a variety of historic places and numerous churches.

After walking for hours it was time for dinner. It was still early by Italian standards for dinner but we needed to eat before our train ride back to Treviso. We were walking down some of streets just off the Main Street and found a small restaurant that was open. We picked an outside table where cars drove buy only a few feet away. A plate of spaghetti Bolognese for Danna and tortellini with butter, sage and ham.

The obligatory glass of red wine topped off the meal. When we were ready to leave the waiter brought us each a glass of limoncello to "assist out digestion". Great idea!

Traffic, you bet, there is lots of it here. No matter where you look there are cars or scooters speeding by. That is unless they are stopped in the many traffic jams.

Sun was now going down and our train was leaving at 21:20.

Our train was late leaving Bologna so we were a bit worried about missing our connecting train in Mestre. If we missed the connecting train our option would be to get a taxi to Treviso or stay in a hotel. Luckily the engineer was able to make up the time and we got home just after midnight.

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