Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Being in the Moment"

Throughout our Adventure there have been a series of "Being in the Moment" experiences, where you feel like someone should pinch you because you can't believe you are here.  Here are a few of those Moments in no particular order.

This week we were fortunate to attend the Orchestra Sinfonica del Conservatorio "A. Steffani" di Castelfranco.  We walked the almost 2 km in the evening to Teatro  Eden and were not disappointed.  The concert was FREE and not expecting too much we were totally amazed and delighted by the performance.  We were treated to Beethoven's 7th Symphony, one of my favourites, the whole concert lasting over 2 hours. As we walked back to the apartment we saw the moon was full just like our hearts.  Meandering through the narrow streets we saw people walking hand in hand and a gelato in the other, families with baby carriages and young people just enjoying themselves in the Piazza. We could not remember ever feeling this way in Vancouver.

On Thursday Elisabetta called and wanted to know if we wanted to pick some apricots from her tree.  The weather here has been so hot that all the fruit ripened at once.  We decided to get a basket and make some apricot jam.  This is a first because Danna has never being much for canning and jam making so once again Italy has presented us with a new experience.  

We made freezer jam and put it in our recycled Gelato containers. We have 2 containers in the freezer as back up and one to eat now.

Friday Nights we always look forward to "Treviso Di Sera", it is a special evening that offers Musical Groups all over the city, the stores are all open until midnight and the people come all decked out looking to connect with their family and friends.  This Friday morning we noticed that the "Piazza dei Signori" had a stage and chairs all set up for something that looked like a big Production.  

It turned out that all the dance studios from the city were presenting their year end show. We decided that we could not miss this and after dinner we arrived at the Piazza, teaming with people even though there was still an hour until the show. This show lasted over 3 hours and was FREE.

It was amazing just to sit and enjoy all the little dramas going on all around us.  Carley, it would remind you of all those Dance Recitals you were in, with the mothers doing hair and makeup to squirmy little girls.  It was like going back in time.  We just had to close our eyes and we were back in the 90's waiting for Carley to perform.  
It was 21:20 and the show was about to start.

Saturday morning we went to the market and on the way back got a couple of interesting pictures. On the left is a fabric store, seems as if Danna can always find one no matter where she is. Hard to see in the small picture but our reflections were in the mirror at the far end of the store.

Here is the Polish Folk Dancing group that was going to be part of our entertainment tonight.

We went down one small street that we had not seen before and found some modern sculptures in the river. Never know what we will find on our next outing.

Saturday night and we are once again in the Piazza dei Signori.  Tonight it is the "Sile Folk", a show demonstrating the folk dances, songs and presentations of four different countries, Italy, Poland, Armenia and Peru.  We were entertained for over three hours, sitting taking in all the beautiful costumes, lively dances and old traditional songs.  We could not understand the words, but the universal language of music touched our hearts in a way we can not explain.  It was also the first time we have stood for the Italian Anthem.  it was moving to stand and be proud of our brand new citizenship.  

Seeing this was a complete surprise to me, Italians playing the bagpipes.
They are not the same as the Scotish pipes but are similar in sound.

Here are some shots of the dancing groups. The Armenian group's performance along with their costumes were fantastic.

The following group was from Peru. One of their songs had "jungle" sound effects.
The jungle noises were recreated for us by one of the performers.

They say that kids and animals will steal the show and that is what this little dog did. He was part of the Italian group and looked right at home in his costume. At the end of the show he stayed around to greet his fans but did not sign any autographs.

Tomorrow we will have a few of our favourite pictures from the last few weeks. We hope that you will enjoy just a little slice of life in Treviso! See you on Saturday.

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