Sunday, July 15, 2012


On Saturday night we were invited to have dinner at Cristina's home. Little did we realize that this was not just a simple dinner. Upon entering the dinning room we noticed the menus at each place setting.
I have taken pictures as I would not have been able to describe how well presented each dish was.

Here we have prawns served on a zucchini puree.

Before and after pictures of the lobster and linguine,
only thing left was the shell.

I was not the only one that thought the lobster was good!

Monk fish and mushrooms.
Fabulous combinations of textures and flavours on this dish.

Dessert came on several plates and I enjoyed each and every one of them....some of them more than once.

Here we have figs with mascarpone cheese and biscuits.

Of course with a glass of Prosecco.

Above I said that some of the desserts were sampled more than once, well here is the proof. A lemon pie topped with pine nuts. Almost made room for a third piece it was so good.

I forgot to mention the flavours for each of these dishes. If I had been by myself I would have picked up the plates and licked them clean.

Who put this dinner together? Even though it looks as if it was catered by a Five Star restaurant Cristina's Mother Rosa and her Aunt Ivona did it all.
Thank you for your hospitality!

The main reason for getting together today was to celebrate Cristina's birthday. Here is the birthday girl with Daniella.

One of the gifts Cristina received was a book. Of course written in Italian. Lots of laughter when she unwrapped it, translated the title is "Getting In Touch With Your Inner Bitch". I was surprised as I always thought she was a sweet woman.

All the ladies I had the pleasure of having dinner with tonight.

Cristina and her Mom (Rosa)

Cristina, Rosa (Mom) and Ivona (Aunt)

If the "Two Sisters" ever thought about opening a restaurant we would gladly be their dishwashers. Of course we would insist on dinners instead of wages.

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  1. that was another george day wasn't it!