Friday, July 6, 2012

Oderzo - City of Archeology

Oderzo  known as the "City of Archeology" since it is the home of several Roman ruins. This area has been inhabited since the 10th century BC, which means the Roman ruins are relatively new when you look at Oderzo's history.

We have been taking the trains on our various adventures but today the bus would be our chariot into the past.  The bus left right on time and proved to be a great way to get around.  Only €3 each was reasonable.  Sitting in the front seats of the bus gave us a great view of the various communities we travelled through.  In less than one hour we arrived in Oderzo.  

From the bus station we walked towards the main square.  When we turned the first corner we saw that today was their local market day.  Not only were the streets filled with merchants but also the main piazza.  You could not tell how big the piazza was because of all the trucks with their awnings were parked side by side.  We recognized some of the merchants since they also attend the Treviso market.

Rather than fight the crowds we went for a walk around the town. The town is small so you can get to all the archeological sites on foot.   We decided to go to the Museum of Archeology but when we arrived were told it closed in 30 minutes and would reopen later in the afternoon.  We will plan our day better next time!

On our way back to the piazza we saw an outdoor movie theatre.  With the weather it would be a shame to sit indoors on a warm evening.  I am sure you can even get a glass of something cold and bubbly to go along with your snacks.

Since many things were closed for the next couple of hours now was the perfect time to have a bite to eat at a gelato bar/sandwich bar next to the piazza. From here we could see the merchants putting there goods away and getting ready to leave for the next market.

After our snack we walked across the street and sat in a bench overlooking the Monticano River.  

There was a large poster promoting the "Opera in the Piazza" that is going to be on July 13 & 14th.  The various piazzas in the towns are used for all sorts of activities.  

The market closed at 13:30 and within one hour everyone was gone.  Now we could see the Duomo and Clock Tower on the perimeter of the Piazza Grande.

Inside the Duomo it was cool and quiet.  So nice that even a pigeon flew into through the window to cool off. 

Today was very HOT and we thought going home would be a good idea.  My friend almost melted into the pavement on our way back to the bus station.  Good thing the bus was air conditioned for our trip home.  

We have shown you pictures of stone lions in previous blogs. Today you get to see a couple of small felines that wish they were lions. These kittens are usually very frisky running around their yard. Today with the temperature being 38C even they slow down.

Wonder where they learned to cool down on freshly watered pots, just like humans they learn from watching their parents.


  1. we finally got some sunshine and heat here too but we will be spending the day in the back yard. i would love to attend the opera in the piazza. are you planning to go back for that? loved the photos of the cats! p

  2. I used to go to that church ... I remember my mom would give me the equivalent of about .25 cents to give at mass but on the way to church I would stop at the gelato store and ask for a .12c cone, there was no such thing but the owner would give me one anyway ... my mother never knew ...