Sunday, July 29, 2012

Venice's backstreets.

Our objective this week was to finalize everything so that we can get our medical coverage. Simple thing to do but it has taken several trips to different government offices and we still have to go back next week. First time we went to the office there was at least a 2 hour wait and they closed in 1 1/2 hours. Second time only had to wait for one hour and when it was our turn found out that we needed an official certificate of residence, walked to the other office, waited another 25 minutes only to be told we were in the wrong line. Another wait of 25 minutes and we got our certificate. Lots of negative things are said about government employees but the ones we dealt with were more than helpful. Hopefully we have all the paperwork we need.

Saturday morning the sun was shining and we decided that a return trip to Venice was going to be our next destination. On the train and in 30 minutes we were in Venice. Our other visits were always centered around the tourist hotspots, this meant lots of crowds. This time we walked in the back streets and did not have the crowds to contend with.

Like usual we had to take a picture of Danna and a friend.

Even though it was a hot day there was a breeze from the water keeping us cool. We heard singing from one of the churches so we went inside. They were having a choir practice and it sounded fantastic. The choir was positioned directly under a domed ceiling and I think it amplified the singing. They had to take a break as the church bells started tolling and drowned out the singing.

Today we had reflections all around us.
Guess this happens when you are surrounded by water.

This heart was part of the art display in Venice.

The reflection of the buildings and boats on the other side of the channel were ever changing.
Wonder if the glass is half full or half empty?

We also had these two following us for most of the day.
They left us just after sunset.

Our walk took us to the point of one of the islands. Found the most interesting piece of art, a statue of a young nude boy holding a frog. Must have been valuable since they had an armed security guard next to him.

This spot was also the perfect vantage point to watch 4 cruise ships leaving Venice. Quite a spectacle to see these large ships and then a group of kayakers sharing the same waterway.

There was a marching jazz band to entertained us.
The point of the island makes you feel as if you are on the bow of a ship.

While walking along the Grande Canal we saw the sun hiding behind some clouds. The way it lite up their edges made it look like a person's profile. Well, that is my impression of what it looked like but I was in the sun all day and maybe I was just hallucinating.

While looking for a restaurant we saw another ship leaving port. Even though it was not as big as the cruise ships this tall ship was very impressive. The waves had splashed the sidewalk and gave me a nice reflection of the ship.

It was now past 19:00 so dinner was next on our agenda. With such a warm night we picked an outdoor restaurant. From our table we could see the moon in the evening sky, looked even better since I was with my best friend.

Here I am with my best friend on the Acadamia Bridge earlier in the day.
My nose is smaller than Danna's other friend from this morning.

After dinner we walked back to the train station. You have to buy a ticket and then validate it prior to getting on the train. A few people found out the hard way that you have to follow the posted rules or else you will be fined. One fellow tried to beat the system saying he thought you could buy a ticket on board. The ticket checker listened and then issued a fine. Not a popular fellow on the train but he was doing his job. Maybe he should be hired by Translink in Vancouver.

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