Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Everyday in Italy

Technology is definitely something that you can have a love/hate relationship with. Posted our last blog and thought I would get an early start on the next one. How things changed in 7 hours I will never know but suddenly I could not post photos on the blog.  What had I done, nothing unless I have resorted to blogging in my sleep and change things. After trying different programs, changing settings and loosing two clumps of hair I decided it was time to get professional help from my blog guru, Jill or  This morning she came up with a solution, upload pictures to Flickr, did this and the problem was solved. 

Today we are going to have some random pictures from the past few days with things I found interesting. From Danna going to the hairdresser to a white duck.

Here we have a shot of the ladies after they returned from the hairdresser. I have to watch the way I  say things but they did look much better after having their hair done.

I was lucky enough to have this one come home with me.

Good hair day!

I have been learning how to relax these past few months but can take a lesson from this furry guy. He was sound asleep and did not want to wake up.

Relaxed Cat

We have walked by this church many times but it has always been closed. This time it was open and we went in. The church of St. Leonardo was originally built in 1330, completely destroyed and rebuilt in 1657. Have to research why they used skulls and cross bones to decorate the alter. That will be another story.

St. Leonardo Church Treviso, It

From the peace and quiet of the church we go out to hear the street noises. During the day the sirens we hear are usually from ambulances. It amazes me how the drivers negotiate around in the heavy traffic and narrow streets. 

Ambulance -Treviso, Italy

Now this one made me wonder if they made a bra for this tree.
So many things I could say but look for yourself.

Sports Bra?

We made a dinner for Elisabetta and Cristina.  Appetizer - deep fried breaded prawns, pasta with chanterelle mushrooms, roast chicken with rosemary, salad with balsamic dressing and crepes with ice cream. This time it was me with only 3 women.

Dinner with friends


On our blog about Venice I did not have space for these shots.

Here we have two ships, P & O Aurora and the Veritas.
which one would you rather be on for the day?

P&O  Cruise Lines - Aurora

These shoes look very nice but even the Dutch could not wear these wooden pieces of art.
This artist creates sculptures of everyday things such as jackets, brief cases and hats.
Check out the webpage

Wood Shoes - Sculptures

Of course you must keep fashion alive even if you are on your feet all day walking on the cobblestones of Venice.

High Heels in Venice

We want to give special thanks to these guys as they have taken us all over the place without complaining.

Tired Feet

On our walk along the Sile River there is a very friendly dog, Axle. He takes great pleasure in letting Danna give him a cuddle.
His owner says Axle is a two time hunting champion.  

Axle the Champion

Along the river banks we see all sorts of wild birds.  All the ducks are a mixture of brindle brown. We saw one duck that should have been born a swan. 

White Duck


  1. danna your hair looks great! p

  2. What a great post! I love the tree picture dad... and ma, what a cutie you are. I am having a homesick day (or a missing mom and dad day). Love you two :)