Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lodi and Cremona, Italy

Next adventure was a trip to see Elisabetta at her new place just outside of Milan. Bought our tickets the day before so that we could just walk onto the train. In previous blogs I have mentioned that the trains have been the perfect mode of transportation between cities. This morning I had the same opinion for the first two legs of our trip. At Brescia from the high speed train to a slower train. Everything was going well until we left The station in Romano. After traveling about 500 meters the train stopped, after 20 minutes announcement said we would be leaving in 10 minutes. 
Romano, Italy on Trenitalia.

Finally the train backed up slowly to the Romano station were we got on another train. The replacement train was already loaded with passengers so it was quite crowded by the time we got on board. Finally got moving and 3 stops later we arrived in Treviglio and were only 65 minutes late. Dropped our bags off and then headed into Lodi for a tour of the town which is located 40km south east of Milan.

Being a small town I did not know what to expect and was surprised to see the scope of architecture in such a small area. The Duomo was impressive and had a huge piazza in front.  

We wandered around taking in all the sights. With the Roman influence there are many arches incorporated in the buildings. Here is a gate leading out to the street.

Lodi, Italy

All this walking made us thirsty so we headed to the bar on the piazza next to the Duomo. The quick drink ended up lasting over an hour but were are not on a schedule so we enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. Drinks came with bite size pieces of pizza and some chips so it took the edge off our hunger.

Cremona, Italy

The next morning we headed off to Cremona where the famous violin maker Antonio Stradivari produced his famous violins. Today Cremona is home to over 150 violin makers. Students come from all parts of the world to study here. We happened upon a concert where the students were performing playing violins, cellos, piano and even two opera singers.

We walked by the church of Sant Agostino but it was closed until later this afternoon. No problem as we had many other things to see.

A square in the town is dedicated to Stradivari with a statue of the famous violin maker.

Cremona, Italy

Our walking tour took us to the church of La Sacra Tavola Di S. Agata. Here are two shot of this impressive church.

Cremona, Italy

The dome is very interesting from the center opening to the scenes painted on it.

Cremona, Italy

Being good tourists it was decided that we needed a coffee. The cappuccino and espresso macchiato looked great and tasted even better.

Cremona, Italy

Energized by our coffees we continued our walk around the town. We happened upon the church of Sant Omobono , it is named after the patron saint of tailors and dressmakers. Now Danna knows who she who she can pray to while she is making her dresses. Could not go in as the front facade  was being restored.  

Off to see the Duomo only to find it was also closed. Since all the attractions were closed it was a good time to have our lunch. Just a few meters from the Duomo we sat found a restaurant and had a relaxing lunch. Gnocchi with cheese,speck, mushrooms and tomatos for lunch kept Danna going all afternoon.

Cremona, Italy

We were now off to find the church of Sant Agostino, just follow the map to number 24 that is only a few blocks away. After circling around and not finding the church we thought the map was wrong. Asked a few people but no one could help us. Change of plans so off to see the Duomo instead.

Cremona, Italy. Duomo

The Duomo is an impressive structure and on it's left is the bell tower. At 112.7 meters high it is  the second highest brick tower in Europe and home to the worlds largest astronomical clock. We thought about climbing the 502 stairs to see the view but it was too hot at 38 degrees C.


We went to the concert and spent the next hour listening to the budding stars playing their instruments. A couple of the musicians were so young I did not think they could reach the pedals but they put on a great performance.

Time to head back to our car but we were determined to find the elusive church of Sant Agostino. Eventually we found it, not by using the map. Finally we saw that the map showed two number 24, one referred to church location the other to hotels. By the time we figured this out Elisabetta had already gotten us heading in the right direction.

From the outside the church was rather plain but the inside was filled with beautiful paintings and sculptures. 

Cremona, Italy

Here is a picture for the "girls" back home. Do you recognize this fabric? Fabric from the granite series from the 14th century I think.


Here we are, the tired threesome in front of the Palazzo Trecchi. We were smiling because it was only a short walk back to the car. Great day in a town I had never even thought about before. 

Cremona, Italy

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