Monday, August 27, 2012

Padova Italy

A regular start to the week with a walk along the river. We are noticing that the days are getting shorter and the light is somehow different. Several times we have seen this fellow rowing silently down the river.



It is good to have an incentive when you are out for a walk. For Danna it is the possibility of seeing her furry friend Axle. This dog loves to have his  ears rubbed and Danna is willing to oblige.

AdobePhotoshopExpress_20120827195408 On our first day in Treviso we went back to Padova to buy a few things at Ikea. Well, Padova has much more to offer than Ikea so we decided to go back for another visit. Off to the train station we go. While waiting for the train a woman asked
(in Italian) if it was OK to sit on the bench next to Danna. She then heard us speaking English and asked where we were from. Not only was she from Canada but from Vancouver. Daniela grew up in Vancouver's "Little Italy" and moved to Italy 34 years ago and meet her husband Romeo. She has lived happily ever after just outside Castelfranco. The train ride seemed to be too short as we were having a good time chatting about Italy and Canada. Could these be more friends for us to have gelato or coffee with? I hope so!

We arrived in Padova to find it was even hotter (38C) than in Treviso. Today we would take it slow just to make sure my friend does not overheat. Tueday was market day and there were many vendors with everything from apples to zanzara (mosquito) repellant. 


Padova IT, Lion statue

Seems as if everywhere we go we are seeing lions, yes there was another waiting for us here. Lots of people sit on the lions for a photo op but Danna decided to just stand beside this one.

Lunch time next to the market where we could watch the action.
I should have learned by now that a nice light lunch is a tramazzino or two with something to drink. Instead I had a panino that was good but Danna's choice looked better than mine.
Before we left the Bar Nationale and I had to order a tramazzino to go, just in case I got hungry. (tramazzino=sandwich)


At one of the university buildings we found an example of some of the modern art.

Artwork in Padova, IT

Here the historic and new are visible. A modern transit system with the old building in the background.


Turns out today was not hot but very hot. My friend was definitely overheated and we had to cool her down. The best way was to head home to some air conditioning.
It was so hot even the pigeons were walking.


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