Monday, August 20, 2012

Capestang France

We did so many different things on our trip to France that I will have do separate postings later this week.

Why not do something special as it is Danna's birthday?
What to do, settled on taking her to Southern France.

Our week started with a 500km drive from Treviso to Diano Marina which is located on the Italian Riviera.  Our hotel was one block from the beach and would be the perfect place to relax in the sun. The beaches were crowded and this carried on to the streets in town. A stroll along the beach and then time for dinner. Found a nice pizza restaurant, sat down at a table and were asked if we had a reservation. Yes, even at the small restaurants you needed a reservation. Looking at the crowded beaches you know where all the people came from.


Tuesday morning we were on the next leg of the trip. Rather than taking the freeway we took the scenic drive along the coast. Good idea to see the sights but it took us 2 hours to travel 45km.  

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Picture on the left taken at 10:44:52 and the other one at 11:08:44.
Total distance travelled was 5.3km which works out to 13.32km/hour.
Forgot to tell you that this is the SS1, main road through the seaside towns

French freeway system requires you to pay a toll same as the Italian freeways but now we were paying every few kilometers rather than when you exit the freeway. It slowed down the flow of traffic and at times confusing for this tourist. Had a couple of missed turns but made it to Capestang after a 7 hour drive. 

We reserved a room at Le Petite Platane which is owned by Alfonz and Eva Hamori. You can read all about their apartment and gité on their webpage. We were greeted by our friends Alfonz, Eva and their two children Daniel and Angelina.

After dinner it was a walk up to the Canal Du Midi to view the boats. You can travel from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean along this ancient waterway. At one point the canal flows over another river in its own "bridge". The next blog will have more info and pictures about the canal.


Capestang is a small town located less than 20km West of Béziers. The town is a perfect picture of Southern France. The focal point is the Church of St. Etienne or St. Stephen which was built in the 13th century.


The entrance to the church is from a narrow street.


Walking around we found a beautiful mural on a building depicting former residence of the home.


Around the town you can find many places to sit with your friends and have a coffee or glass of wine.


Fresh croissants.

In the morning we would have freshly baked croissants delivered to us by Daniel. They were still warm and were worth the one euro price including delivery! 
Daniel would ride his BMX to the bakery and pickup our croissants along with a baguette or two for our lunch.


I had heard so much about Alfonz's motorcycle, found out that he likes to ride anything with two wheels, even one with pink wheels!


Angelina loves her cat Elvis. 

We drove into Béziers to check out the huge mall with the Hamori family.

The Hamori family.


Never thought my best friend and I would be visiting Southern France on our adventure.


When in Béziers the Hamoris like to grab a bucket of original fried chicken from the Colonel. Here Danna and Daniel are getting ready for lunch.

"Take only memories
Leave only footprints"


  1. wonderful! looking forward to the rest. what a great way to spend a birthday. p

  2. You made Capestang sounds so cool! Daniel looks great in the photo delivering you warm croissants.
    I wonder what Alfonz will say about posting a photo of his new wheels?
    Fun time had by all!
    Bonne Anniversaire Danna!