Thursday, August 9, 2012

Trains, Vespas and a Barber - Ciao from Italy

Sunday morning we went into Lodi so that Elisabetta could go to church. Danna and I wandered around and found their local market. Lots of things to buy but we did not need anything. When Mass was over the ladies had to check out the specials at the clothing stores This is not the most exciting thing for me but I amused myself by people watching and there were some very "interesting" people that walked by. Some were dressed for Mass and others looked as if they were just going home from the clubs. Bicycles were going every direction, zig zagging around pedestrians but no one was hit or even got mad at one another. With the clothing being purchased we were on our way to get groceries for lunch.
After lunch we relaxed and then drove to the train station in Brescia. We could have gone from one of the smaller local stations but this way we only had to change trains once in Mestre.
The Mestre train station is a transfer point and busy even in the evening. This train was just getting ready to leave the station.

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Monday morning and the start of another sunny week. It almost hurts to say that after I hear of the cool weather that our home town of Vancouver has had. Like I said, almost hurts but we are going to enjoy our weather and hope it warms up back home. Today we restocked the fridge with vegtables from the market.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Tuesday was a red letter day for us! When we first arrived at our apartment we sat on the black leather sofa. After sitting on it for 5 minutes I realized it was actually from an ancient torture chamber. I tried laying on it one night to watch TV only to find my body had seized up. It was so bad that we went out and bought a folding chaise lounge for Danna to sit in. Today things changed as a new Ferrari Red hide-a-bed was delivered. Felt sorry for the two fellows that hauled it up two flights of stairs but glad that we had something decent to sit on.
Later that evening we sat side by side and watched TV together.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos If there is anything about Treviso that Danna could do without it is the mosquitos. They seem to take great pleasure in drawing every drop of blood out of her. It makes no difference if she has put the bug repellant on or not, they always attack her. Her legs look as if darts were thrown at her, red, swollen welts. Off to the pharmacy to pickup some antihistamines to calm the itch. The pharmacy has a full assortment of creams, lotions and sprays so Danna is not the only one that the mosquitos like.
Here are some the things we have tried to ease the itch factor.

It had been about 7 weeks since my last haircut and I was looking "shaggy" in my friend's opinion. We were off to buy Danna a new mirror as her old one decided to shatter when it hit the floor but that is another story. Rather than taking our regular route we found a small walkway and came across the "Barbiere". I watched the barber as he was finishing off another gentleman's hair. His moves were methodical and consistent like a craftsman. Turns out he had been in the same location cutting hair for 46 years. There were some tourists from Germany that snapped a few shots of the "Old Fashion" barber shop. After 45 minutes I had closely cropped hair, eyebrows and mustache trimmed. I can now identify with Maggie our dog as to how it feels to have hair plucked from your ears. The only thing I did not have were my nails clipped. If you are in Treviso and need a haircut checkout him out on "Calle Del Podesta" next to Piazza Del Signori.

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos While I was getting my hair cut Danna was looking around at all the shops having their summer sales. After the haircut she said not to ask any questions but to follow her. I think her words were "I finally found it".
What is IT?
My thoughts went to a new dress, shoes with high heels or a designer purse. Entering a very small square she pointed out her surprise.

"Fontana Delle Tette"
or the
"Fountain of the Breast".

This is the family version of the pictures taken of me with my new friend. As an added, bonus a sign says the water from her breasts is potable. In the past to honor a new mayor red and white wine flowed from her breasts and the people could drink for free for 3 days, does anyone know when the next election is?

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Vespa parked on the sidewalk while two friends have a chat under the arches.
Good idea to make the time to talk to your friends when you see them.


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