Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Capestang France - The Hamori Family

On my last blog I told you about our stay at  Le Petite Platane but did not go into the background of the Hamori family. Alfonz, Eva and their children  left a comfortable life in Canada to enter into their new life in France.  New town, do not speak French and starting a new business, no problem for this family! The challenge was there but also the excitement of the new life that would be rated on the "happiness factor". You cannot put a number on this but looking at the Hamoris I would say they are achieving their goal.

AdobePhotoshopExpress_20120821145719 Le Petite Platane consists of their rental apartment and gité or B&B. Year round tourists travel to Southern France and this makes it the perfect place to set up their business. The locals are sure to tell you that they have 320 days of sunshine per year. Vancouver on the other hand has 204 days of sunshine. There are vineyards all around Capstang producing some very nice, reasonably priced wines.
I can see why they picked this to be their new home.

Through their other company South Westy Shuttle they also offer a shuttle service to the airport. Their Mercedes van can easily accommodate 7 people and baggage.

With all the sunshine this is the perfect place to sit and relax by the pool. Yes, I did check it out and it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon. A few finishing touches and the tiles will all be in place.


AdobePhotoshopExpress_20120821145237 Late one afternoon the clouds rolled in and there was a torrential downpour. It had been very hot all day so Eva took full advantage of the thunderstorm by dancing in the rain with her daughter Angelina. For those of us under cover all we could hear were the squeals of laughter coming from the girls. They would never have had this much fun in the rain in Canada.

Their children Daniel and Angelina seem to follow in their parents footsteps.  Daniel has his own business getting fresh baked goodies from the bakery, this is how he could afford his new BMX.

Angelina is a charming young lady that takes after Eva. In a few years all the boys in town will be at her doorstep.

Both enjoy being around the adults and contribute to the conversation.


One night we were out for a walk and we took this family portrait.
Do you think they are having fun?

When we went to the mall in Béziers I took a picture of this statue. I think it summarizes the Hamori families outlook on life. 

Looking to the horizon with the expectation of a
Future filled with peace and happiness.


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  1. I hope the Hamori's use that neat picture for their new family shot! Wouldn't it be weird to be so happy to see rain in Vancouver that we went out and danced in it?!