Thursday, August 2, 2012

August in Treviso Italy

We went to the vegtable market and picked up some fresh local produce. In making our dinners we are taking advantage of what is in season. The chanterelle mushrooms we ate last week were on the menu again. When we were buying the green beans Orlando suggested his way of preparing them. Blanch the beans while the olive oil is cooking the garlic and anchovies. The beans are then put into the pan and cooked for a minute with the garlic, serve hot and Mama Mia that tastes good.

On the back burner the chanterelle mushrooms are cooking, Farro pasta on the other side and green beans on the front. Little container of Panna or cream is ready to be added to the mushrooms.


Now this is what a simple, healthy and tasty dinner looks like. I am even drinking local beer!


Orlando at the market is a character, we would rather walk to see him for a few carrots than going to the store just around the corner. After we had picked out our veggies for the week he gets a big smile on his face and says he has just gotten a shipment of fresh melons. I should try one as most men like melons from this farm. Well he got us all laughing when he showed me the packaging. I will let you make your own opinion and yes I did buy one.


This morning after our 5k walk we were getting breakfast ready when a police officer arrived at our door. Last week we had to register with the "Comune Di Treviso" as residence in order to get our medical coverage. In order to verify everything the police make house calls. The officer was more than friendly and knew about the Mounties and their red jackets.

Today being August the first required us to follow Italian tradition and have a glass of white wine. It is thought drinking the wine today will bring us luck. I remember this tradition from when I was just a little guy. Not wanting to miss out on any luck we may have headed our way a glass of wine at breakfast was in order. Must admit I have never had wine with my corn flakes.


This afternoon we headed off with hopefully all of our paperwork in order to finalize our medical coverage. Got to the office at 14:15 as they open at 14:30 and found only 7 people ahead of us. This is way better than the first time when we were number 32 in line. The clerk reviewed our paperwork, said everything was done correctly. She then headed off with our papers to a desk and started entering info into the computer. After 10 minutes she was back and handed us our temporary cards until the official ones arrive in the mail. We do not have to find a doctor as we were assigned a doctor that is just around the corner.

Here you see Danna in front of the building that we have spent a few hours in trying to get our medical but it was all worth it.


Since the waiting room is not air conditioned I tried to get the chair next to the window just above the front doors. The office beside the waiting room had A/C but that door was always closed.


We are off to visit another city just outside of Milan. Trains will be our mode of transportation this time for the 3 1/2 hour trip. Cost for this is 56.40€ or $74.00 which I think is reasonable since gas plus car rental would have been much more.


  1. of course you love the melons... what funny advertising, those crazy italians.

    I wish I knew that tradition of white wine on August 1st. I am going to start doing that every year!

    That picture of mom sure is cute :)

    Hope you guys had a blast on your little day trip. Miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you for this recipe. I will try it this weekend with my friend.

  3. good idea, white wine on aug 1st for good luck. we'll have to adopt that tradition too! does it only bring good luck if you start the day with it? bet it was good with the peaches, what about the cornflakes? p