Friday, July 20, 2012

Salzburg Austria

This week we travelled to Salzburg, Austria and then back into Italy. Rather than one huge blog we have broken the week into a couple of sections, first one being the picturesque city of Salzburg Austria.

Our rental car was more than capable of going 130km on flat ground but the slightest incline slowed us down. I called it our sewing machine on wheels but realized Danna's machines have more power.

The highway to Austria is very scenic with all the Alps surrounding us. There were lots of tunnels to go through, we counted at least 28 with one tunnel 6.5km long.

Tolls - first one was €15.40 and the second €10.00 for a 450 km drive. Did not expect it but we ended up in Germany when we misses the exit for Salzburg. No problem as it was only just across the border when we realized something was wrong. Missed Salzburg but found our hotel with just one wrong turn, went through a red light and down a one way street the wrong way all in just three minutes. 

Now it is time to relax and meet up with our friends Ralph and Eileen. First important thing to do was dinner.  Traditional Austrian cuisine was our choice and my Pork Hock was worth the drive.

Next morning we went out for a walk through Mirabell Gardens. One thing for sure I would not want to be the one mowing all the grass. The flowers and layout of the gardens were amazing.  

Here we have another lion that has followed us,
Danna has befriended him so we were all safe.

Danna and Eileen with one of their new friends.
Looks like he is hungry by the way he is rubbing his stomach or is it just too much beer last night?

Salzburg has many horse drawn carriges for the tourists to view the town.  The locals instead tend to pedal their way around town since all the tour busses are clogging  the streets. Another reason to bike around town is to wear off the calories from eating the chocolate and pastries.

The "Grain Lane" is a busy shopping street in the Old Town were tourists buy souvenirs. Unique wrought iron signs are strung across the walkway. On this street you can also find the house where Mozart was born.

Have some extra Euros in your pocket that are weighing you down?  Here you can also buy that special dress or complete outfit for a bit over €3,000 and to finished it off a pair of modest shoes for only €1198. I thought they were a great deal until I realized I had the decimal point in the wrong spot! For this price they must be very confortable.

In Europe there are always fountains and here is another one in the main town square.

Here we have Ralph, Eileen, Ralph's Mom Grazia and Roberto.

Dinner was at an outdoor restaurant, who could not resist a monkey with a beer in hand and pretzel on it's tail.  Danna decided to order the Monkey Steak and said it tasted great.  I kept thinking Tarzan was going to appear from the kitchen.

The rules in European restaurants are different from the ones in North America. Look at the bottom left hand corner and you will see that they even provide a water dish for the dogs.

Plan was to go to the Marionette Theatre tonight for the Sound of Music. Eileen promised me belly dancers would also perform so I agreed to go along. To my surprise they did have belly dancing puppets but none were performing tonight.

After the puppet show we said goodbye to Ralph, Eileen and Grazia. They had an early morning flight to Naples the next morning. We went for a stroll along the river.  When crossing the river we found a chain link fence with hundreds of locks attached by young lovers, very romantic but I only had a twist tie for Danna and me.

Salzburg at night with the castle on the hill.

On our way back to the hotel when we hear fireworks off in the distance.  Perfect vantage point on the bridge to watched the show.

Everyone I have spoken to says Salzburg is a place you must visit, now I understand why. Great place to visit and hope to go there again.

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  1. Wow....lions, twist ties and fireworks!!! I want to holiday with you two!!