Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mogliano and a black eye.

On October 6th my cousin is getting married in Mogliano which is about 10 minutes by train from Treviso. With everything going on that day we said we would find our own way to the church. Rather than having a problem on the wedding day we did a test run. Quick train ride, then a 5 minute walk and we arrived at Duomo of Santa Maria Assunta.
Mogliano Treviso, DuomoThe original church dates back to 997 AD, over the years it had to be repaired due to age and damage from various invaders.

Mogliano Treviso, Duomo

We stopped at a small gift shop next to the Duomo. Their window display was filled with many interesting items. The items that caught my eye were the place card holders for the wedding tables. Appropriate since we are here for a wedding.
Mogliano Treviso Wedding
Across from the Duomo we found the beautiful Villa Stucki Hotel. It is a 19th century mansion that has been converted into a hotel.
Mogliano Treviso -Villa Stucki
Mogliano Treviso - Villa Sticki

The entrance hall was filled with antiques and had two chandeliers for illumination.

Mogliano Treviso in front off the Villa Stucki
We walked in the garden area and found a nice gazebo and of course a statue of a lion.

Arriving back I Treviso we had a light lunch as we planned on going out for Japanese food. The restaurant is only a short walk away so at 19:30 we headed out. We were within 50 meters of the restaurant when all of our plans changed. While trying to get around a couple of people that were blocking the sidewalk Danna tripped and did a face plant. Luckily the only damage was a cut lip, scraped nose, black eye and a headache. From the way she landed I thought she had broken a tooth.
For the record, alcohol, drugs and speed were not contributing factors in this incident.
She looks much better now, with all the colours her eyelid looks like a sunset. This is not a new fashion statement but it is 100% natural.

Following image may scare small children
Proceed with CAUTION!

Trip + Fall = Black eye

"Take only memories, Leave only footprints!"


  1. that is one colourful eye danna. glad you are ok.

  2. Glad your ok Danna :) Have a wonderful trip and we will see you soon :)

  3. You know, if you pop on down to the local make-up store, they could probably match the other eye up and no one will know!!!! Glad you are all good!!!