Friday, September 21, 2012

Some days I hate technology!

Back on August 1st I posted that technology is something that you can have a love/hate relationship with. Here it is the middle of September and I feel the same way.

I received a notice on my iPad 3 that an upgrade was available. If it is an upgrade it must be better, and it is free! After the upgrade I no longer had access to one of my favorite travel programs Google Maps which includes Streetview. That is only part of the problem since I can no longer post blogs from my computer. Danna being the smart one did not upgrade and she has no problems posting to the blog. I am now trying a different way to post to our blog.
Hopefully all will be fixed in a day or two or else I will have to borrow Danna's iPad to keep the blog up to date.
This morning we had a nice walk in the sunshine.


UntitledAutumn Trees beside the Sile River in Treviso Sept. 20/12

Danna was having a good walk and would not slow down when I stopped to take pictures. For most of the walk I was behind her trying to catch up with the speed walker.
We were also luck enough to see some swans flying over the river. They did a low level flyby and their wings were splashing in the water.
Now I will publish this and see if it works.

"Take only memories, Leave only footprints!"

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