Sunday, September 16, 2012

More of the best from Budapest

Budapest the city that never sleeps. In the five days we walked over 40km. Much of our walking was done in the evenings when there was still a lot of action on the streets. Thank goodness for digital cameras as I would not have taken as many pictures to remember this  trip. Here are some pictures that we liked.

New York Cafe, Budapest Hungary One morning we had a light breakfast and went to The New York Cafe. You can definitely find a cheaper cup of coffee in Budapest. This cafe is like taking a step back in time when style and class were appreciated.

New York Cafe, Budapest Hungary

New Yor Cafe, Budapest Hungary

After our caffeine fix we were ready for a nice walk. Along the way Danna spotted a fabric store and we had to go in for a few minutes. I stopped to take a picture of a fountain and Danna stood in the shade as it was a very hot day. After the picture I went to Danna and saw an expression of disgust on her face. She had stood close to the wall and when you looked up you could see the culprit sitting there. Is it good luck when a pigeon poops on you? Since it missed me I think I am the lucky one.

Danna after pigeon "dropping" incident. Pigeon

Budapest Hungary Statue

Maybe if this guy was around the pigeon may have left Danna alone.

Budapest Hungary Fountain

The days were very sunny and hot. This fountain was a great place for people to cool their feet. The pigeons were also here cooling off and reloading before going out looking for another victim.


While walking across the bridge we noticed one of the river cruise ships below us. Later in the day we went on one of the ships to see what they were like. All the cabins had large windows so you could enjoy the riverside scenery.

Margaret Island Budapest Hungary

We continued our walk over the bridge to St. Margaret's Island. Beautiful and very peaceful setting. No cars are allowed on the island but you can rent bikes or even small peddle cars to cruise around.

Hungary has gone through a lot of horrendous times in it's history. There are several reminders for the people about these times. The House of Terror has displays of life under the fascist and communist dictatorial regimes. This is a very sad place and we did not go there. Another reminder is The Metal Shoes Memorial. This is a memorial to the Jews who were ordered to take their shoes off and then shot at the rivers edge. Their bodies were then swept down the Danube River. These cast metal shoes are stark reminders for the future generations.

Metal Shoe Memorial, Budapest Hungary

Budapest Hungary, Central Market Hall

On a happier note we went to the Central Market Hall near the Green Bridge. Here you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and any other food product you can think of. On the second floor there were lace table cloths, souvenirs, and several places to get a bite to eat. We had a roasted sausage and a beer for our lunch. Simple but very tasty.

Budapest Hungary

On our walk we saw an assortment of architectural designs.
Budapest Hungary

Budapest has several types of public transport. Take your choice of 3 subway lines, surface light rail or large busses. Their only shortcoming is the airport does not have a direct transit line into the city yet but it is in the plans.

Budapest Transit System


On our evening walk Danna thought about our dog Maggie when she saw this bronze statue.

On our last night in Budapest we had dinner at a restaurant across the street from the Dohány Street Synagogue. The setting was nice but this was the worst meal I have ever been served. Those of you who know me will be surprised to hear that I did not finish what was on my plate! I think this is the first time this has happened since I was 5 years old. Suggestion, do not go to the Walhalla Club for anything other than a beer. All the other meals we ate from street food to nice restaurants was very good.  

Dohány Street Synagogue Budapest Hungary

Here is the building that was our home for 5 days. In the old days they did things differently than today. The ceilings were 12'6" or 3.8m high which gave the rooms a spacious atmosphere. Each of the windows had wooden shutters that could be closed at night or when it was cold outside. If you are planning a trip to Budapest check out the following link for " The Walnut Apartment."

Walnut Apartments - Budapest Hungary

Sorry to say but our time in Budapest was over. When we woke up the sound of raindrops could be heard. We were lucky that the rain started at the end of our visit. We did our packing and waited for Daniel to drive us to the airport. At the airport we had lunch and then waited for our flight. Everything was going well until they said it was ok to board the plane. We had to walk out to the plane with the wind blowing and a light rain. Almost on the plane and then we were told to wait as something was being done to the plane. Luckily we had a small umbrella to keep us dry for the 10 minute wait. Once on the plane we were back in Treviso within an hour and a half.

Ryanair Budapest Hungary

Our trip to Budapest was well worth taking. We got to see another city that is full of history, culture and of course good food.

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