Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Treviso in September

Usually on our way back from the vegetable market I stop off at "casa del parmigiano" for some fresh bread for my lunch.
It is located just a few meters from the fish market.
casa del parmigiano, Treviso Italy

The fresh bread with some cheese and sliced meats are my idea of heaven. I picked up a couple of buns for my lunch. When I got home I realized they were bigger than I expected. No problem, eat one for lunch and the other one will be for tomorrow. People go shopping for their bread every day and now I know why. The buns I bought are not made with any preservatives which is why they taste so good. Down side is that they turn rock hard if not eaten on the day they were baked. I learned my lesson not to buy any more bread than you plan on eating that day. 

photo Here is my wonderful bread, it had a nice crust with soft insides. 

Today things are a bit different. Note how it is shaped like a club or is it a hammer. The bread got so hard I am sure you could pull nails with the claw side.  I planned on feeding it to the ducks but I could not break it into small pieces for them.


This weekend there was dancing in the Piazza. The dance studios around Treviso get together and put on a show for everyone to enjoy. It is also a way to promote their studio for dancing classes. Dance styles ranges from break dancing through to ballet and salsa.

Treviso Italy - Dance

This little girl was watching every move the dancers were making. 

In Treviso people bring their dogs everywhere. This little dog was also watching the dancers but it was more interested in the other dogs.

Treviso Italy - Dance

This group performed several dances with much enthusiasm, facial expressions and their hand movements were synchronized perfectly with the music.

 Treviso Italy - Dance Treviso Italy - Dance

From traditional dancing we went to break dancing. One boy put on his helmet and started spinning on his head. Just the thought of making some of their moves hurt my back. 

Treviso Italy - Dance

Which end is up?

Treviso Italy - Dance Treviso Italy - Dance

This couple did an Argentinian Tango. High leg kicks by the lady were matched by the man's intensity.

The dancing continued the next day with other dance schools participating. This piazza was one of several that were hosting the dance studios. There was no charge for any of the performances.

Sile River, Fiume Sile, Treviso, Italy

On our late afternoon walk we noticed that things were changing. Trees are starting to loose their leaves, the baby swans are almost the same size as their parents which means fall will be upon us soon. This has been an unbelievable summer that I will never forget.

Almost forgot the best part, I spent it all with my best friend!


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