Friday, September 7, 2012

Treviso Italy - Weddings and Fashions

Treviso is known as the "City of Art" but there is much more to it and the surrounding towns. Little did we know that fashion was of such importance to this region. Treviso is also the home of fashion. It does not have the same impact as Milan, Paris or New York but innovative fashion designers are through out the region. Companies such as United Colors of Benetton who's clothing is worldwide originated in Treviso.

Marina Here we have Marina, a lady that was ahead of her time. Born in Oderzo, located a short 28km from Treviso. Marina started her training at an early age putting hems and trims on tablecloths. At the age of 15 she made her first dress, she remembers it as being yellow. From there she went on to sew clothing for others and then opened her own shop. Even though wedding dresses were her passion, her own wedding dress was sent to her from a sister-inlaw in Canada.
She happily tells the story about talking to the priest and him telling her about the beautiful dress the bride wore at that mornings wedding, with a smile she said "I know, I made it!"
I wonder how many brides smiled because of Marina's talent with the needle and thread?

When walking through town you can see that fashion is of the upmost importance. Tourists are easy to spot, these ladies are wearing comfortable shoes while the locals navigate the cobblestones with high heels. In July the clothing stores had massive sales to clear their Summer clothing. By mid August most of these stores had the new Fall and Winter clothing on display. September 1st came and even though it was 30°C we saw the first people wearing scarfs and their new Fall jackets.

Fashion is important for men but the majority of the clothing stores are for women.  Walking down any of the streets you will find shops specializing in women's shoes, purses, accessories, makeup and the ever present lingerie stores. For the men jeans are still accepted but they are accessorized with all sorts of fashion items. That polo shirt must be the latest color and do not forget to turn the collar up. There are also several shades of jeans that you can buy including red, oops that was last years colour. 

We saw them setting up a stage in the morning, it was to be for the fashion show later that evening. Never been to a fashion show before so at 21:00 we went to see what the new fashions would be. It was to be held in Trevisio's main piazza, a perfect venue.
"Moda al chiar di Luna 2012"
"Fashion under the moonlight 2012".
Treviso Fashion Show

Seating was arranged around the stage for designers, retailers and the general public. Some of the people attending could have gone on stage with the fashions they were wearing. 

What will the fashions be for this Fall?
Here are some pictures of the various outfits.

Treviso Fashion Show
Treviso Fashion Show  Treviso Fashion Show Treviso Fashion Show
Treviso Fashion Show Treviso Fashion Show

Fashion training starts here with these little guys.
Before you know it this young lady will have 18 pairs of shoes and no room in her closet.
Treviso Fashion Show

The evening ended with a display of wedding dresses. Earlier I mentioned Marina, she had sewn many dresses over the years for the brides in the Treviso area. Now the new designers and dressmakers are carrying on the tradition foJr future brides.
Treviso Fashion Show Treviso Fashion Show Treviso Fashion Show
I am a lucky guy, my wife insists I take pictures of beautiful young ladies wearing the latest fashions.


It seems as if wedding dresses have been in our lives for years. Danna made her wedding dress along with our daughter's last year. Being away from home I did not have a picture of Carley's dress but was able to get one from her photographer  Jessica Zais. Jessica has gone on assignments to cover weddings in several countries.  
Nice person and a great photographer!

We had Marina tell us her stories about making the dresses then watching brides exit the churches in town, the fashion show and now in October we will be going to the wedding of my second cousin Valentina and her fiancé Alessandro. We did not expect to be going to a wedding on this trip but things worked out perfectly. We met them for the first time last week and they make a wonderful couple. Valentina was telling us about her wedding dress and the time it takes to have all the fittings done.

Valentina & Alessandro photo

photo Looking forward to attending a real Italian wedding. photo


  1. What a great post! Isn't it amazing that I can sit here in Tofino, listening to the waves of the Pacific Coast and read and see all that you guys did today!! Watch out for that moon!! I can see Danna in the pink frock.....Missing you always!!

  2. Without any doubt, every woman will be delighted to shop in Treviso!