Saturday, September 29, 2012

Treviso in September

Treviso Italy after the rain
The weather is getting cooler and Fall is definitely here. We had a rainstorm that was so intense even the locals were talking about it for several days. Of course there was lightning but the most impressive time was just after it stopped raining. I went for a walk and snapped these pictures, yes the colour is a bit strange in the pictures but they are just like what I saw. Many people had their cell phones out recording the strange sky.

Treviso Italy after the rain
After walking for a few minutes this rainbow appeared. I went looking for the pot of gold but all I got were some nice pictures. Cars were stopping and people were getting out of their cars just to watch the colours in the sky.

Treviso Italy after the rain
I walked a little further past the University and the sky had change to a bright red. it was getting dark as you can see from the car headlights.
A few minutes after these pictures were taken the sun went down.

On our walk we go along this tree lined street. Things have changed since when we first arrived. From these trees being covered in lush green leaves we now see them shedding their red and yellow leaves and dropping large mature chestnuts to the ground. Too bad these are not the edible type as you could get buckets full here. We have to wait until next week when the roasted chestnuts go on sale in the Piazza.

You can tell that Fall is here when you visit the vegetable market. There are all sorts of squash to pick from. We made a simple risotto with the one in this picture. Simple ingredients of rice, squash, garlic, vegetable broth and a bit of pancetta made for a hearty Fall meal.
Almost forgot we had to have some Prosecco to assist our digestion.
Squash at the Treviso Market
Treviso Italy Bicycles
We live close to the University and have seen the changes with all the students going back to classes. The bicycle parking lots was nearly empty all Summer but now no empty spaces can be found. Treviso also has a bike rental system here for the residents. You can get a bike from one lot and drop it off at another lot for a nominal cost. You do not find bike lanes here and there does not seem to be any problems with cars, bikes or pedestrians using the same spaces. To me it seems as if the bike riders respect the others on both the roads or sidewalks. When you are walking along the river the sidewalk may not be very wide in some spots. Should a bike come up from behind you they will ring their bell to warn you. This gives you plenty of time to give them some room.

I am including this picture just because I like it. The bridge that crosses the Sile River at the University is a wood framed, arched construction. At either end there are two large posts made of laminated timbers with a ball at the top. One late afternoon when returning from our walk I saw the sun peaking out from behind the pillar.

Treviso Italy - Ponte dell'Universita

Danna and the Feline
On many blogs we have seen Danna with statues of Lions. Today is no different but she is now with a small live Venetian feline that belongs to my cousin Adriano. This one is a bit fluffier than the statues we have photographed in the past.

It does not matter to us if it is late September and Fall. We can always make time to have a gelato on the front steps of the Duomo.
It still tastes as good as it did in June!
Treviso Italy - Gelato on the Duomo Steps

"Take only memories, Leave only footprints!"


  1. WOW...WOW...WOW!!! These pictures are just amazing, Bob!! I think the first one "might" be my all-time favourite from the time you have been gone. Honestly, the clarity is perfect!! Love the post - and thanks for the email Danna!! Love you guys!!

  2. I forgot to add, I L-O-V-E the picture of the long pathway with the trees as well. Might just be my 2nd favourite picture of your adventure....just sayin'.

  3. I absolutely adored admiring the sights of Treviso you've captured.