Saturday, June 2, 2012

A couple of days ago there was a picture of me in the kitchen cooking and I told you about the things that we miss. We knew the apartment did not have a dishwasher but we did not know about what was hidden behind doors number 1 and 2 above the sink.....yes folks this is a dish dryer. There were no instrutions but we figured out how to use it. Best part it does not use any electricity.

After walking around we needed a good lunch. Neither of us felt like cooking so we stopped off at the market for a few goodies. The ceci salad was left over from the previous night and tasted great with the Alici (pickeled anchovies). We bought 100 grams the first time and thought they tasted like pickeled herring only better. So far the alici and Prosecco have been our major food purchases. And for those of you who do not know any better Prosecco is a food group.

On Friday we had our phone and Internet connected. Danna was now able to read, hear and see videos in English. This picture is self explanatory, Danna was a happy girl getting onto the Internet while the installer was still walking down the stairs to his truck.

Can you see Danna on the right doing our laundry?

The above picture was taken a long time ago but hardly anything has changes in all these years.

Rather than going to the canal to do the laundry we are heading off to the laundromat to do our sheets and towels. This is much quicker than letting them air dry. It is also good exercise as it is about a one km walk to the closest laundromat.

After eating Italian food for the past few weeks we thought that a change may be needed. On one of our walks we spotted this restaurant and gave them a try tonight.

Seems strange getting our dinner from a Japanese restaurant whose owners are from Shanghai in Italy with "Bortolin" Prosecco to wash it all down.

The smile says it all!

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  1. the bortolin prosecco, is it available in canada? will have to watch for it. sure enjoying your blog. p.