Friday, June 15, 2012

Conegliano City of Prosecco

Today we took the train to Conegliano located 30 km North of Treviso. It is known as the birthplace of painter Giovanni Cima, 1459 - 1517. In recent times it has been called the city of Prosecco. Yes, we did try some Prosecco since this is where it is made.

Here is a view of the castle tower.

We walked up to the castle which is located at the top of the hill. Here we found this to be a perfect place to have a snack and relax.

View from our table was the vineyards.

On the other side you could look down on the old town. We were told that on a clear day you can see the towers of Venice.

A leisurely walk down the hill along a tree lined road brought us back to the town.

This was just in time for window shopping! These purses are now in style and will be arriving in Canada in a couple of years. The two on the right are approximately $340.00 and the others $240.00 CDN. Get your Visa cards ready!

Small river ran through the town. Lots of ducks sunning themselves on the shore. Guess they are enjoying the warm weather as much as us. Warning Dangerous Animals Ahead

While walking through a residential neighborhood we ran across numerous lions (Leos) guarding the front gates. Still trying to figure out which one of these two is the most dangerous.

I have not had a haircut since we left Canada. After feeling like a shaggy dog and much prodding from Danna I got my hair cut while we were touring this nice town. I asked for him to cut it short and he definately listened to me as you can see.

Thought a black and white picture would hide my grey hair but it only hid more of my dark hair.

Took the train back to Treviso and picked up some fresh fish for dinner. After dinner we decided to go out into a warm and clear night to take some night shots of the town. The river always intriques me with the ever changing light patterns.

The small back streets make you feel as if you have travelled back in time. Things may have been simpler then but they had no gelato.

This Piazza is a going concern at night. The restaurant here served 1,000 pizzas last Saturday night. Toddlers to old couples gather here to meet friends or just enjoy the evening.

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  1. Sue and I are just sitting here in Nanaimo, looking at these beautiful pictures. We would like some Prosecco and would really like to sit with that handsome guy with the new haircut!! (oh, and the cute chick too!!)