Thursday, June 7, 2012

Things we never knew we would miss!

Today was just a regular day living in Treviso. We did go for a walk but did not have the camera with me so no pictures today. Thought you may want to know about some of the things we miss while living in Italy. By no means are we complaining as these are just little things that we miss. Later on we will also be giving you the 10 things that we would like to take back to Canada when our adventure is over.
Things we never knew we would miss.
1. Ziplock bags.  That's right Ziplock bags!  So far we have not found anything even close to them. With the humidity we try to package things up but have gone back to using plastic bags with twist ties.
2. Clothes dryer.  We now use the energy efficient drying rack that is located above the bathroom tub.  Works well but does not dry towels very fast.
3. Dishwasher.  Now my hands are smooth because we use the dishwashing soap with moisturizer.  
4. Electrical outlets.  For some reason they have limited outlets in each room.  Thank goodness for power bars.
5. Mirrors.  The only mirror is in the bathroom and it measures about 12" X 15".  Good thing I do not have to put on makeup every morning but I do have to be careful when shaving.
6. Toaster.  To make our toast every morning I use two forks to hold the bread slices over the gas stove.  Anyone want toast with charcoal edges?
7. Ensuite.  The bathroom has everything we need including the cloths washer.  There is only one thing lacking and that is space.  Definitely have to take turns using the bathroom sink.
8. Bright lighting.  I think they keep the wattage down to minimize electrical consumption. Mayor does make for low light, romantic diners. 
9. Baking powder.  Having problems finding some of the things we had as basic items in our pantry.  We did find something that was similar to baking powder but it cost considerably more.  Well at least it worked.
10. Ethnic food.  Italians like the food prepared as their grandmother or Nona made.  Because of this the number of ethnic restaurants in Italy are limited.

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  1. the things we take for granted,eh? think the ensuite would top our list. wonder what's up with the baking powder? p.